A letter to a lost love by Silva Chege

Dear girl on bus number 33.

I know we never actually met before and you probably don’t even know of me existence; yet again we take the very same bus every day. I always sit on the opposite side of you on the bus, I’m pretty sure you catch me staring at you sometimes, and I know you’re too nice to tell me to stop or call me a perverted weirdo or something else mean just for staring…like the other girls, you’re just not like that. But I could never tell you how truly stunning and wonderful I think you are face to face, so I had to just write it down in a letter.

When I was a little boy, my mother asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I looked at her, straight in the eyes, I told her that I wanted to be the very first man the girl I will one day fall in love with looks in the eye and says that she truly loves him, from the bottom of her heart. And That every heartbreak; engraved on the surface of her heart was her heart breaking her down bit by bit so that that I could be the one to build her up again… you don’t have to read this, you’re probably really busy with your boyfriend, which, I really hope you don’t have…you probably do, but it would be nice if you didn’t, no I shouldn’t say that, I have to be positive. Note to self, think positive!

It’s like; we are two lost souls, floating in the emptiness of this big and menacing world, waiting to collide into each other and allowing our minds, bodies and spirits to intertwine together; like vines in a vineyard. Well not bodies exactly, I would like to get to know you a bit more before that happens, maybe dinner for two under moonlight? Anyway I really want you to know, that I’m not like those other guys; I like a girl who I can just sit down, and just listen to her as she talks and talks, it doesn’t even have to about anything interesting or really intelligent, but just so I could have an excuse to hear the sound of your voice. I want a girl who’s not afraid to be vulnerable, but inspires joy and strength in anyone she meets. She doesn’t have to be perfect, but she has to be perfect for me. I can see you in my head right now. You’re so pretty…gosh you’re amazing …Okay I’m getting off track now, let me carry on again.

I want to hold you so close that my heart practically beats in your chest. I could kiss your over luring, perfectly soft ruby lips, awaking all my five sense at once. It feels right. This moment feels right. In the background a 100-piece orchestra would play, playing your favourite song, and when they stop playing, the stars would rush together spelling your name in the night sky.

I could look right into the depths of those gorgeous big brown eyes of yours, and I would see my past, present and future, wait not past, that sounds dumb! But it hurts knowing that I had missed out on all these years in the past because they weren’t spent with you, seeming like wasted time now. I wish we were together, from the beginning, then I wouldn’t have asked Daniela to the prom and she wouldn’t have turned me down in front of the whole class, calling me a loser and not even if I was the last man on earth would she consider going with me. I could have saved myself the embarrassment and taken you to the dance, making my prom night, so mesmerizing, and perfect like a cobweb glistening in the engulfing, splendid light of the moon. I would sweep you off your feet and watch you laugh that perfectly adorable laugh making me want that moment to last forever. As we twirl around and around, all our troubles seem to despair, as does the crowd of jealous people gathering around us, as we dance our beautiful dance. For every time my vision is graced with your beauty it causes every fibre of my being to ignite into life, like a millions of ambers and fireflies colliding together in the name of love.
Every time I hear your name, it cause every cell in my body to erupt into a cascading symphony… well I don’t know your name quiet yet, but I’m positive it’s something really beautiful, like rose, or Laura well not Laura, probably something more unique… Like Ocean! I’m sure your personality is like the ocean… so deep, meaningful. I think of you and my heart beats faster than a dub step track on forward, I really hope you like dub step, because I love dub step. Wow you’re so pretty!

…Sorry where was I? Because you give the type of love Picasso painted over. That type of love martin Luther king had dreams over. The type of love Shakespeare wrote plays over. For I would die for you, just to be reincarnated to see you smile just one more time…Actually, not a painful death though, actually just forget dying… but you get the picture, right?

Yours Sincerely,
Guy on the bus


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