She’s my Antithesis

We are belong to two completely different world
But atlas we are star cross lovers that will never meet

She my antithesis
You see going to a party, where you don’t know anyone as heaven but I see it as hell
You’re a sweat violin solo and I’m the spine bending sound of nails on a black board
I’m a deep slow jazz drum base line and you’re a high pitched guitar rift
You would rather sit on a roller coaster ride, while I would rather a lazy boy recliner

She my antithesis
You’re a hot coffer to brighten you up for the day and I’m a cool glass of wine to relax you at night
You live in the moment, while I always seem to run out of time
I’m consumed by hate while you spread love
I’m an easy Sunday morning and you’re a boisterous Saturday night

She my antithesis
You’re the feel and comfort of a fur rug under my feet, I’m the sharp pain when you step a thumb tack
You’re the vivid bright colours of a Bollywood romance movie, while I’m the dark murky streets of a 1940 Hollywood noir
I’m the complexity of a Shakespeare sonnet while you’re the simplicity of a Childs nursery rhyme
You always see the truth in my, but I still think that you loving me is nothing by a lie

They say we will never work because opposites don’t attract but that’s the true lie for love is our universal commonalties the great leveller of; men and women; black and white; right and poor
Newton said every actions needs an equal reaction and that’s true because Life is a balance act, at any point you can tip over the edge unless you have something to balance you
You’re my antitheses, but that’s exactly why I love you


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