Mr Right, tall dark and handsome; these are the top to essential traits every women needs to catch her dream man.

Sure since the dawn of time, men have always been the aggressor when it comes to the battle ground of attraction. But we’re not just the only males competing for the most desirable you ladies, we’re just one of a whole host of possible suitors, so to guarantee success we had to develop certain traits to make ourselves stand out and seem more worthy to the female of the species; strength, fertility, bravery are just some of the traits that would have been seen befitting of a good man. But certainly things have changed considerably since the infancy of humanity; women are no long the passive of the species. In a modern world of aeroplanes, Facebook and the rampant rabbit, where women can earn as much as men, achieve as much as men and run countries and global businesses as well as men, it is a truly a equal playing field now. No longer are women the hunted, so grab your spears ladies because its war! History is always told by the winners, so if you want to snag a new or keep an already existent Mr Right or tall dark and handsome, you need to make sure you’re at the very apex of your game and exude in abundance these ten traits that will instantly turn the average Jane into a bona fide Cleopatra in the eyes of any man.

10. Independence
When you are dating woman, guys want to do just that date a woman not a child, nothing kills a bros night out faster than a barrage of 50 texts per hour constantly cheeking up on you and asking when you will be home. Being clingy is an instant turn off for pretty much every guy on the planet, we want to feel that when we are with a woman, it’s like two separate world coming together, rather than the feeling that we are your whole world. Give us the breathing space to allow us to spread are wings, then will use those same wings to always fly back to you. being independent also means that you possess your own individual thoughts, instead of following the crowd constantly you’re not afraid to be different and not being afraid of having friends or interests that have nothing to do with us.
The immortal words “I’m strong independent women” has become the guiding ethos for the modern women and is certainly something I will always like encourage, but if your lacking in a distinct idea of unique self, the best way to get around this set aside one day were you attended a club to do with something you’re interested in, then another day which you set aside to spend valuable time with your girlfriends in a man free zone to drink, eat, talk and have fun, so you get used to doing things on independently.
9. Respectfulness
Remember when you were young and your mother always told you “treat people how you like to be treated”, well mother knows best yet again! Because that philosophy makes you appear a lot kinder and more respectful, thus naturally gravitating male attention and because everyone likes to be seen and treated with respect. There is nothing more unattractive than when you go to a restaurant with a girl and she spends the entirety of the night being rude and demeaning to the bar staff and waiters like they were dirt. Love defines you while hate degrades you; the quickest way to turn a Jennifer Lawrence into a two headed Cyclopes is by making her a vile human being.
If you know deep down that you occasionally lapse into the slightly rude side of spectrum, maybe it’s not even intentional, it could even be a result from a multiple of different reasons; a stressful day at work, a argument with your parents or friends or just generally being in a bad mood. But it is best to remember that just when you feel yourself in the midst of being disrespectful to somebody who might have been rude to you, instead of reciprocating it back and continuing the destructive circle, it is advisable to stop, take a deep breath and try to look at thing from somebody else perspective and through empathy you will naturally become more understanding or calmer.
8. Healthy
We’re not talking about being the next Rambo or maintaining a lifelong strict vegan diet, however men are usually far more visual when it comes to attraction and it certainly doesn’t help the attraction process when you’re being faced with muffin tops big enough to actually hide muffins tops under. Then anytime we want to do something vaguely active such going for a causal stroll, we don’t want to be constantly worried that at any moment you could drop to the ground from overexertion. Just by maintaining a healthy balanced diet combined with regular intervals of exercise a week, will probably give most women the desired body and state of health men would seek. Plus if you’re active and are constantly pushing your body to new extremes, my natural competitive nature will and kick in and galvanize me to detach myself from GTA5, drop the Xbox control and leap of the couch so I can be running that last 1 mile of a marathon right next to you. Oh yeah and another positive for excise as a result from doing it your body naturally releases endorphins, which is basically a feel good chemical. Trust me its science.
It can extremely difficult to resist the allures of fast food, after reaching home from a hard day’s work spent on your feet all day and coming home to spend another good 2 hours on your feet trying to cook something healthy. So the best trick is to follow how the body builders do it and prepare a massive quantity of food on the day you have the freest hours, then by placing it in the fridge you can maintain the freshness of meals for each day for the next week or so. When it comes to exercising, if spending hours at the odour rife, sweaty gym isn’t your style you can gain your 30 minutes exercise a day by cycling to work if possible, joining dance classes so your also learning a new skill at same time or by taking part in defence classes so you can fight of all the male attention you will be receiving on account of your new great physique.
7. Spontaneity
Sometimes all the mundane routine of the adult world can at times seem like a giant hamster wheel; But do you remember what it was like being a child and seeing magic for the first ever time? It was phenomenal and exciting right? And that’s because magic is unpredictable since you never see the trick coming and as you know all men are always just big kids at heart, so if a girl can flutter into our lives and provide that exciting disruption from the monotonous, we our instantly putty in her hands. Wow us, take our breath away. Jump on to the stage in a karaoke bar as you do an epic rendition of my heart will go on whilst completely sober. Halfway through film night, don’t be afraid to just come out with a random and useless fact that makes me see the world in a new way, like ‘Karoke means “empty orchestra” in Japanese’. Then when we find ourselves lost in an empty field because I refused to ask for directions, instead of getting mad and starting an argument, why not alternatively just get undressed and let’s do it right there and then. Give those cows something to really moo about! Plus who doesn’t love angry sex?
But no one likes forced spontaneity or quirkiness, the best possible way to show Spontaneity is to allow it to come naturally by simply letting go of your inhibitions and ignoring that little voice in your head that tells you not to do something and just do it! As a great wise old philosopher going by the name Drake once said “Yolo”.
6. Open mindedness
Once upon a time, the world was a vast expanse impossible in size; however via 21st century knowledge and advancement in technology, it has now been compressed to practically the size of a shoe box in relation. With a history fraught with prosecution of minorities, we have lived to have seen the disastrous implications of these atrocities. Allowing us to learn from the past and thus in realize that in the modern world there is no room for racists, homophobes, anti-Semites or any other ideologies based on hate and ignorance. To the open mind, the world is filled with new beautiful people and wonderful cultures and if you have your eyes on a jet setting man who wishes to explore all that life has to offer with an amazing woman by his side, the last thing he would want is her ignorance and narrow mindedness holding both of them back. Open mindedness just apply to the extreme cases, it could simply mean just being willing to look at things from someone’s else perspective and never being afraid or reluctant to admit so when you’re wrong. Also never say no before you have tried something new, you never know if you might like it and if a guy sees that you throw all caution to the wind and jump into new experiences with two feet first, he will be left in awe and infatuation.
Being open minded is relatively easy, just by trying something new at least once every other day is sufficient, even if it is a simple matter of changing up your style once in a while or taking a new route to work each morning, it will slowly allow your mind and body to get used to trying new things, so when it comes to the big decisions it is easier to be open minded about them.
5. Ambition
We’re not expecting you to be the next president of Russia, or the first ever person to walk on Mars, but it’s a very attractive sight to see a women set goals for herself and slowly work hard to achieve them. May it be getting a promotion at work or learning a new skill, seeing someone who is constantly looking to move forward in life, work or relationships and is committed to bettering herself constantly, is a package very few men would even conceive of missing out on.
When it comes to being ambitious; no matter how grand or high you set the bar for what you want to achieve, as long as you take the time to carefully plan out how you can achieve it in a realistic and feasible manner or by setting smaller goals along the way that you can achieve in the mean time, eventually little by little moving you just that one step closer to accomplishing the main goal in the long run.
4. Passion
When you walk down the street, it seems everyone appears miserable; you could easily go a day on the high street where you walk past close to 20 people and only see on average maybe 3 or 4 with a smile on their faces. The reason for this is because in a world increasingly concerned with finical gain and up holding a certain standard of living, it has lead to people choosing jobs and careers that don’t necessarily interest them at a gut level, or doesn’t inspire a profound sense of happiness or excitement, why? Well that is because they aren’t passionate about what they are doing. When you consider the length of a universes life time, our short 80 years existence seems so insignificant in comparison, but when we are doing thing that fill us with passion in our work, hobbies and interests, that short human life time can end up having more meaning and purpose than all the universes could ever possibly hope to have.
Like a bee to a pollinating flower, allow yourself to be slowly drawn to passions nourishing nectar; if you remember the best days spent at school as afternoons spent finger painting, best days spent at home as playing dress up with your dolls or best days spent with friends as kicking a football in the park, when the other boys refused to play with girls. Now you’re older you can rekindle your childhood passions; join a dress making course, so instead of dolls you can dress real, living, breathing people. Turn a kick a rounds in the park to full actual, heart pounding, adrenalin racing, matches by joining a women’s football league. Then if paining was your game, why not join a life drawing class, and if you’re feeling a little more adventuress maybe get up stage you’re self and let them paint you. Do what you love every day, and it will make it a lot easier for us to love you every day.
3. Confidence
There is a thin line between arrogance and confidence, one involves insecurities that mean you need to constantly feel like the most important person in the room otherwise you will feel inadequate. Whereas the other comes from being completely comfortable in your own skin, accepting yourself for both you positives and faults and most importantly not needing anyone else’s approval. People talk about statement jewellery, LBD’S and ‘It bags’, but for me the ultimate accessory and addition to any outfit is the natural confidence the girl exudes in it.
The most beautiful woman in world is the one who can walk into any crowded room, with a big natural smile and deep sense of confidence radiating from her and stun it silent; that’s why nothing turns a guy off faster than woman who is constantly seeking other people’s approval and validations. If you want to wear that rainbow coloured dress with the giant velvet pink belt, wear it but just make sure you feel good in it. A great way to improve confidence is constant positive affirmation, don’t ignore your flaws completely, but don’t let them define you either, instead feel your head and spirit with positive energy. If you’re constantly feeling good about yourself, it won’t make a difference what negative things people will say about you.
2. Intelligence
Back in school no one liked the geek or the no it all, but one of the perks of being an adult is not having to be in school anymore and abiding by its silly social etiquettes; if you know every element of the periodic table off by heart and could recite a nifty rap to help you remember, embrace it! Put on your Dr Dre hat and find a cool way to rhyme periodic and rhapsodic, talk about life of the party or what! See me struggling on the last few silly little annoying American states I always seem to forget during the pub quiz, just go ahead and chime in, trust me I need the help . I’m surely not the only one who once thought New Mexico was in, well Mexico? Intelligence never comes that easy, it requires a lot of years of hard work and determination to achieve, so never be afraid to embrace it. At the end of the days, who is more likely to be remembered 150 years from now, Steven Hawking or Megan Fox?
Intelligence is not just being book smart, it is also being aware of the world outside your immediate little bubble. Just by reading a variety of topics you wouldn’t traditionally look up in news paper, such as investment banking, sport or foreign elections. All in all, this extra acquired information will eventually culminate in you becoming more intelligent because you will have a better understanding of the world around you then you might have done before, without even having to pick up Hawking’s a Brief History of Time.
1. Sense of Humour
Out of the all the traits listed above, a sense of humour is probably one of the few traits that is equally sort after in both men as well women when it comes to choosing a partner, which makes sense, who doesn’t like to laugh? Laughter after all is the best medicine. If for some absurd once in a millennium, when all 8 planets align type of a chance someone were to offer me all the girls in the playboy mansion or just a date with Sarah Silverman; even before you finished pronouncing her name, I would already have finished a three course meal, asked for the check and brought 2 plane ticket to Vegas to get married at a Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe themed chapel. If you saw her in the Sarah Silverman Show, before you were wheeled away by the ambulance for laughing yourself into a coma, you will understand why. But you don’t need to be the funniest woman on the planet just to say you have a good sense of humour, you can have one by simply not taking yourself or life to seriously and always taking the time to laugh as much as possible and occasionally be silly.
Probably the easiest trait on the list to tap into just by realizing that the world is just a big adventure playground, that in an infinite sea of planets, stars and particles, you are one of the few lucky ones who will actually get the chance to explore it and enjoy it. Also seeing it occasionally through the perspective of child’s eyes, you’re constantly drawn to the positive side of things and are more likely to forget all the difficulties of life, because for me there is no pain from an atrocity that equals the joy of laughter.


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