The best and worst of 2010’s fashion trends

While previous decades could easily be epitomised by one coherent theme; the 30’s were a decade for the flapper girls and their obsession with fringes. The 50 were all about teens jitterbugging to rock music adorned in their blue jeans and leather jackets. While the 90’s were all about laid back vibes and grudge cool, that enveloped the in crowd in deconstructed everything. But that’s the thing, while all previous decades had their own sort of uniform that defined them and really set them apart. It seems in the 2010’s on other hand was a decade in constant flux, like a teenage valley girl in the 90’s it never quite knew what to wear. So in a state of panic it either began to vacuum up various items from the past in this whole new vintage phenomenon, or became a mad scientist in a Mary Shelley novel and began to experiment profusely. Leading to a mix and match decade of fashion that truly is the personification of the Good, the Bad and the Unfashionable.

Five worst trends

Multi coloured chinos

Waking on the street nowadays is like staring at rainbow whilst in the grips of an acid trip, a truly mind bending psychedelic jaunt that could make even the 60’s think about quitting the hard stuff. Usually its men who are the culprits of this fashion crime, although on the surface it is a good idea for men to deter way from your basic blue jeans and black trousers into the realm of adventure. But not even an Elton John or a Lady Gaga can pull of bright violet and carrot orange. If you remain adamant on wearing chinos belonging in a Skittle advert; it is best to look towards the more muted tones in the spectrum such as navy blue, dusty red and caramel, paired with a simple denim shirt or simple white tee accompanied with a blazer to create that slick delicate balance between the casual and smart look.


A peplum dress on the wrong body type looks more 70’s furniture with ruffled valance finishing than red carpet ready. Even the likes of Carrey Mulligan and Michelle Williams can’t quite do this trend justice, for peplums demand to be worn with women of a rather more voluptuous frame, rather than a string bean physique. That’s why this trend so gingerly walks for the thin line between refund and chic. The waist hugging and buttocks empathising personality of the dress is better suited clung to the curves of the likes of a Kim Kardashian or Beyonce. But fear not if you’re not a bootylicious video vixen, there is a slight glimmer of hope yet. You can still make this look agree with you by simply doing how Kate Middleton did it by wearing it as part of a suit combo equipped with a matching Christopher Kane blazer.

Hipster and Ironic Tees

Hipsters! You can find them at independent café and vinyl record stores or gigs of obscure Russian reggae bands. Always in their standard uniforms, vans, skinny jeans, lens less glasses and of course the ironic t-shirts with such witty hits as; ‘Vote Pedro’ in honour of the film Napoleon Dynamite, a picture of supper nerd Carlton Banks with the words Thug Life printed under it and of course anything to do with the lesser characters of Breaking Bad in particular Sal. But if you close your eyes you can just about make out the screams of panic as hipsters everywhere, desperately thrusting their ironic tees into an open fires, because their worst nightmare has been realised, ironic tees have slowly filtered into the main stream. Now everywhere you turn, mums, dads and even old folks have started to rock tees with quotes from Big Bang Theory, while high streets Meka’s like Topman and River Island stack moustache and penny farthing themed t-shirts. This trends sucks because it’s a paradoxical parody of itself. It’s not ironic and countercultural anymore if everyone is wearing them! But fear not! Everyone likes their day to be brightened up by reading a witty antidote on someone’s T-shirt in the train on their way to work. So don’t completely purge yourself of ironic tees, the trend is still salvageable as long as the tees remain subtle and witty, rather than in your face and pompous.


Everyone loves the just got out of bed look, but if you seriously think that leggings belong anyway outside of your home or gym. Then you my friend might as well write in permanent ink the words ‘too lazy to even bother making an effort’ across your forehead. It will be delivering the same message as the leggings anyway, but will save you two pounds and a trip to Primark. They say you should always feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, but if you’re going to wear leggings for comfort when you’re going out, might as well bring a duvet and pillow along with you. The only way to wear leggings and still remain in trend – if it’s not in the gym, you can just about avoid looks of disgust if you choose to wear patterned leggings in maybe a floral or Aztec print matched with a loose fitting Miu Miu summer dress. Warning! However this look is only if you’re between the ages of 18-27 and are at a music festival where everyone else’s eyes are more focused on the band playing than what you’re wearing.

Scoop necks

If you suddenly find yourself waking up in a cold sweet tired up to a chair and forced to watch the monstrosity that is both Jersey Shore and Geordie Shore (which is under the only circumstances anyone watches those shows). After initially begging for death you soon realise that every guy in both shows seem to have a scoop neck t-shirts permanently welded to their bodies. Eventually as you pull your hands free and untie yourself, you stumble out into the night and into bars looking for help only to find more of these scoop necked encased dudes with practically their entire chests exposed to the elements. You can be an Arnold Schwarzenegger stunt double, Rocky’s personal trainer or even just a Screech look alike. This look isn’t even dependant on your physique, regardless if you have birds chest or perfectly sculpted pictorials, the trend just screams tackiness, cheese and 70’s porn star that needs to be left back in the 70’s.

Five best

Skinny fit for guys

Once reserved for women and rock stars, the skinny fit whirl wind as just blow it way into just about every men’s clothing store and frankly it has been a revelation. Once you go skinny can never go back! They are flexible, hip and unlike the bootleg and the straight leg jeans, it allows you to perfectly showcase you shoe game. Can you go to skinny? Yes, just avoid anything that’s tighter than what your girlfriend is wearing, or tight enough that doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. When wearing a pair of skinny jeans, it’s best advisable to keep it light on top with a simple tee or light weight jacket; otherwise you can end up looking to top and heavy and if your legs haven’t seen a squat since man landed on the moon, going to heavy on top will certainly draw attention to that fact.

Floral shirts for guys

The very definition of charisma, flair, style and most importantly confidence! But trust me to effectively pull this look off, you will need all the above traits in abundance otherwise it could be like giving an atom bomb to a cave man, he simply can’t handle the fire power. I admit this style can easily wilt from the show stopping peacock into the grandmother’s curtain side of the spectrum, if you go overboard by matching a floral print shirt with bright coloured trousers or the most heinous of fashion misdemeanours, if worn with matching or clashing print. If you’re going for the floral look stick to the staple of black trouser, caramel chino or blue jeans to add sane balance to the extravaganza that is your shirt.


We take most of our technology from Asia so why not take the fashion too. This trend straight from the land of the rising sun, offers an exciting and unique taste of the Far East that adds beautiful intercontinental flair to any wardrobe. But if you’re going to wear a Kimono, wear a Kimono! Embrace this ultimate statement garment, by opting for traditional Japanese or floral print to add that extra jolt of verve and personality into your outfit. Because of its light weight, loose fitting makeup it lends itself expertly to almost any season, but particularly comes into its own rocked whilst in the gentle breeze and warm enveloping rays of the summer sunshine. I feel Kimonos are a great look on women particularly when matched with a crop top, high waist denim shorts and any piece of delightful jewellery by Nad Designs.


It oozes sex appeal. It screams sophistication. It demands attention – well as long as you’re not Ross from Friends. Although head to toe leather is a fashion faux pas, so with leather less is more. Could you imagine Marlon Brando in The Wild Ones without the leather jacket? The leather jacket is synonymous with Rock n Roll and adulterated rebellion. Keep it simple with classic look of dark jeans, white tee and leather jacket to finish the chick magnet look off.

Bomber jackets

If you have ever seen Ryan Gosling in the film Drive, you will understand why bomber jackets are the best trend of the 2010’s. Simply put, they are the very definition of bad ass and highly versatile. Paired with jeans and a simple white tee to give you that walk into any biker bar and taken on the biggest guy there type of attitude. Then if worn with leather pants in the early morning, it will look like you’re on walk of pride after a threesome with Megan fox and Kate Upton the night before. Finally worn with a pair ray bands, you’re ready to call yourself maverick and take to the skies and lead your country to glory. What else could you need from a jacket?


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