calling out the peacock in all men

The earliest points of my childhood were wondrous experiences filled with oiled up, bronze Adonis’s clad in ostentatious feathers, leather and sequin garments. Admittedly the WWE seemed a whole less homoerotic when I was 12, but back then if you weren’t wearing a thong under your purple speedos then you couldn’t be regarded as a real man. Growing up these guys felt like superheroes to me, they weren’t just your average Joe simply blending into the grey masses that walk down every street. Instead they were cool, bold and larger than life and every time I watched them strut their stuff like a 7ft 350 pound Peacock, these gods amongst men inspired excitement and awe in me.
Seven years on, it would be a lie to say that I don’t have a cheeky glance on what’s happening in the world of wrestling and I have to admit while some faces grow older and offers changed completely, ultimately the outfits still maintain their show stopping flair. Which makes me wonder, why don’t men everywhere adopts such an adventures streak when it comes to their outfit choices? Sure it raises the risk of public ridicule and comparisons drawn to Lady Gaga, but at the same time awaiting the brave who take the risk head on is immortalisation as a god amongst men.
I believe that in us all we have that little peacock that wants to leap out, stand up tall and announce to the world your presence and your individuality. By allowing it to do so I guarantee you will inspire envy in all men that cross your path, infatuation in all women who want to cross your path and of course you have pleasure of breaking away from the suffocating demure of plain Tees, black chinos, white trainers and grey blazers.
Men will envy you
Men just don’t like to stand out when it comes to dressing; it’s just a plain old fact. Don’t believe me just check out the history; in the early days of fashion, fancy clothes were just far too expensive for your everyday man. Then during the war periods, most men were caught up defending the countries so the thing they cared about was what’s in Vogue. Then finally during the Thatcher years men had only two uniforms, their work clothes and their pub clothes, T-shirt, boots and there beer drinking shirts. Eventually this systematic ignoring of anything bright and sparkly, meant that in graved in our DNA was predilection for anything part of the grey, white and black family. Why stand out when you can fit in, become a recurrent ethos.
But I can assure you when every man watches their wife get dressed for a night out in their Valentino scarlet red gowns and forest theme Versace cocktail dresses, and then when they look back at their suit and ties. They secretly wish they could have as much exciting choice in outfits as their wives. So why don’t more men try the more exotic approach to dressing, clearly there is no physical barrier to doing so right? Well part of the reason is because it has been engrained into us not to do so, while the other part is that men are just plain afraid of what their friends might think or say.
For those narrow minded guys, anyone who goes against the norm and doesn’t dress and think like them is automatically warranting themselves for ridicule. But if you read the subtext, they are only making fun of you because they know they don’t have the braveness to rock that outfit themselves, so while on the surface they are calling you one of the Village People deep down they envy and respect you.
Women will adore you
Throughout the entire animal kingdom, the laws of attraction aren’t governed by your physic or your wallet, instead in the animal kingdom the person who stands out the most is the one who attracts all the women. The peacock is a prime example; one glance at their fanned wings can make you feel that you have just gone into a LCD fuelled phycadelic trip through a rainbow. Surely that’s the same type of reactions you want from the ladies on a night out?
But women aren’t animals, so why would they find a peacocking man attractive? Well first because its shows that you are spontaneous and exciting because you like to try new things and you constantly seek to step out of your comfort zone. Second is because loud outfit show that you don’t take yourself too seriously, no one wants to date someone who looks like they live in a groundhog day of boardroom meetings and funerals, so they appreciate a guy who likes to mix it up. while finally and the main reason women love the peacock in a guy, is because it just plain shows that your bold and courage’s and have now fear of standing out from the crowd no matter what people think and who isn’t attracted to confidence?
Your era will salute you
More men are going to the gym, tanning salons and beauty therapist for hair removal than ever before; the era of the metro sexual is truly upon us. Never have young men been so preoccupied with how they look; just go down the street and you will see teens walking around in leather T-shirts and skinny jeans, to put their girls pairs to shame. Shops like Topman, Zara and HnM have become hot beds of the new idea masculinity as pubs where in the 90s. Some may say this just breeds superficiality and materialism, but I see this as a good thing, why shouldn’t men take as much effort in their appearance as women. Isn’t the old proverb true “beauty is pain”; well men are never experience the pain of childbirth, but at least we can aim to experience the pain of the quest for perfection.
You don’t even have to look too far into the world of celebrity to notice that the current crops of movie and pop stars always aiming to peacock in a manner that makes them stand out. In particular I draw your eyes to Kanye West, Remember his red suit clad with golden chains for the MTV music awards in 2011, as he stood in the middle of the stage by himself and an electronic key board singing and rapping Runaway, while the whole world stood back in awe. Is that not the definition of peacocking, attracting and embracing the attention, whilst being an unstoppable, invulnerable superhero?


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