Genreation anything goes

“Honey I’m home” says a middle aged man called Roger, coming through his front door after a hard day at the office. His house is immaculate, from top to bottom; then waiting for him in the kitchen would be his 2.5 kids; Susan and Larry, a dog called Biff and an adoring wife called Barbara whose day would have consisted solely of child rearing, cleaning and cooking. However fast forward 50 years and woman are occupying seats in boardrooms of huge multinational companies and men are occupying far larger roles in child rearing. On a social level, you turn on the TV and you are met with shows like Geordie Shore and Sex and the City, and you realize promiscuous sex and confidence in sexuality is no longer a man’s game. With the birth of the metro-sexual and glances towards the catwalks, gyms and tanning salons and you also realise that men are paying far more scrupulous attention to the way they look than ever before. You mention the phenomenon of waxing your back, sack and crack to a man from the 50’s he would probably think you were quoting lyrics from the latest Rock n Roll songs corrupting the youth of America. In the 21st century, like the title of 2013 Robin Thicke song, the lines have truly been blurred. No longer is difference between the sex so well defined as a simple matter of boys wear blue and girls wear pink; instead you are defined by who you are, rather than what you are and that is a distinction I firmly support.

The very back bone of the world of internet and technology businesses has always been routed in its ability to compete, innovate and improve. But none of that would ever prove possible, if the ideas factory is constantly being powered by only one perspective and the best talents is only picked out from 50% of the population. But in recent years the stereotype that techno firms was an exclusively male domain, has slowly been eroded. A big reason behind the turnaround in this can be linked to the granddaddy or grandmummy of all technologies hubs in England, the silicon roundabout. Old Street has seen an increasingly powerful turn out of young woman with Sci-tech degrees under their belts and ravenous hunger to be the next Google or Instagram burning deep within them. Shinning pillars of this can be seen in the instances of; Divinia Knowles, president of Moshi Monster, who under her guidance the company has accumulated 80 million users worldwide and a annual turnover of £50 million; you also have Renate Nyborg CEO of mobile consultancy Pleo or Elizabeth Varley co-founder of the Tech Hub who have each helped ushered in a new era in their companies. I think it’s fantastic that hands of the future of the internet and technology are placed in such diverse hands, because with ideas being launched from so many different thoughts, perspectives and backgrounds, it can surely only be for the better. It will lead to a greater creative canvas to paint the future on and a more innovate foundation to build the next big thing on and most importantly allow England to compete with the very best in the world.

A strong sense of competition is a sentiment not lost in fashion, an industry where all the top fashion houses are constantly battling to be the first to claim the next big thing. And if you were fortunate to catch sight the latest looks from Givenchy, Burberry and Miuccia Prada, then you would have been met with the allure of ambiguity, the excitement of androgyny and the wow factor of the indefinable, as designers opted for clothing that complemented both the male and female form in equal measure. “Clothes are becoming trans-seasonal and lines are rapidly starting to blue” Judd Crane director of womanswear and accessories at Selfridges can be quoted as saying in a recent article in Vogue. However insurgences of unisex clothes comes as a by product that has been a part of society ever since the first woman adorned her boyfriend shirt and probably a similar time when Freddy Mercury adorned that fetching pink top and heels . Since then both sides of the gender divide have long been admiring certain aspects of the others wardrobe. Now as we move into a more open society and gender fluidity; look at the likes of Keith Lemon, Russell Brand or the shelves of Topman to tell you that men are comfortable in wearing skinny jeans and bombastic floral shirts and woman are more than comfortable at dusting off their 80’s power suit and rocking them without feeling unfeminine. Remember back in school how fun it was to play dresses up without the burden of having to conform to gender expectations? Well I think everyone should be able to feel that free and good all the time, fashion is all about freedom of expression when words just aren’t enough – so no one should be able predetermine how you express yourself just because of your gender.

Now the very opposite of freedom is oppression and long have woman sexuality been oppressed by double standards towards sexual promiscuity and horrible, venomous words like “slut”, while their male counterparts are given a standing ovation for the very same acts. However while some people are revolted at how they go about it and the constant bragging; shows like Geordie Shore and The Valley’s can still be commended in the fact that the woman on the shows are allowed to do what they please with other consulting adults, so in that case there is very little to shake your head at. However these open attitudes to sex, stretch further than the TV screen; in everyday life I have seen that woman no longer approach the subject of their sexuality with tentative steps and blushed cheeks, but instead with the confidence that you are talking about something that is normal, healthy and integral part of a happy life. But still unfortunately get those immature few who still insist on belittlingly people, “slut shamming” even when their actions have no bearing on them and cause them no harm or anyone else and thus this upsetting trend needs to be put to a stop immediately. Healthy and positive approach to sexuality is as big a part of fulfilled life as eating, excising and sleeping enough, so people need to accept that fact and move on with their life and find their own happiness, instead of trying to deny others peoples theirs.

I’m a firm believer in the old adage, “If men can do it, woman can do it too” and that goes for vice-versa too; division in races are disappearing, borders between nationalities are falling and misunderstanding between religions are withering away. The 21st century is already turning into a period that has stopped trying to find ways to divide us and instead ways to unite us and I’m all for this blurring of lines. So when you look at the fact that more women are occupying prominent possessions and big tech companies, everyone is free to wear what they please and woman are allowed to own their sexuality with confidence. It installs me with pride to know that we are no longer have accepts rigidity of bygone eras, we will inherit the earth and it’s nice to see that we’re breaking down barriers and moving to a more cohesive future.


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