Age Appropriate

As much as we hate to admit it, judging somebody on what they wear based on their age is practically impossible to avoid. Sure fashion should be about comfort and freedom of expression, but as you grow older what you are comfortable with and what you want to express to the world is always greatly changing. So it’s vital that you carry this transition in life with elegances, verve and a firm understanding of what is age appropriate but also keeps you looking chic and in Vogue. Because what woman hasn’t come across the junction of her life, when she looks in to the mirror and worries that she is dressing like her mother with horribly fitting drab clothes. Then when she is older, returns to the same junction now thinking she is dressing like her daughter, with revealing clothes and unflattering hues. But once you have mastered the art, and it is a art, of dressing age appropriate when people judge you as they surely will, the only type of thoughts going through their mind will complementary and envious.

This is the point in your life, where you are free of expectations, free of obligations and free of limitations. The world is your hoister and the main objective is to explore, try new things and enjoy every last ounce of it. So with all this freedom and excitement circulating generously in your life, the 20’s is a great opportunity to experiment with what you wear and waltz flirtatiously with boundary crossing.
Work: work? Work is for the boring, life is just one big adventure playground waiting to entice you. But if you do find yourself in a formal situation; reach for an elegant tailored blazer; however pair it with either a short floaty frock in a bold colour to show off your youthful legs. Or pair blazer with a classic blue jeans and exuberant floral blouse for a bold, confident look.
Play: when you’re young, the world is a none stop party begging you to levitate the everyday basics into the realm of outlandish, sexy and show stopping. Generally youth is about rebellion, but at the same time some rules are put in places for your benefit. For example try the heavy on the bottom, light on top and vice versa rule; which means that if you’re going to show off more cleavage and arms, it’s important to have a longer hemline. But if you have bombshell legs to reveal, go for more restrained silhouette above to keep in track with the ideal flirty yet polish aesthetic.

Ashley Olsen, Carrey Mulligan and Freja Beha Erichsen

You 30’s are generally met with more direction, stability and more focus and while the career is a priority, settling down isn’t too far from your vocabulary. Thus your 30’s is all about sophistication, but with a hint of reckless streak beneath the surface.
Work: its fine to go for the classic black trousers and a cotton shirt look, but for a real jolt of adrenaline and edge, play with silhouette and texture. So for the trouser opt for a high waist and a flair ankle for a retro elegant look. While as for the shirt, opt for a silk blouse with interesting flourishes, embellishments or finishes for a hint of the unexpected.
Play; it’s time to move away from the extremely girly, slinky or tight and opts for more elegant textures and materials; think velvet, metallics and pops of bright colour, but because the 30’s is mostly about balances, it’s important to combine the aforementioned with soft and subtle pieces. So if you’re wearing a gold blouse, it’s a good look to complement it with a sculpted, black pencil shaped skirt for a look that screams both class and attitude.

Icons: Sienna Miller, Kate Bosworth and Kirsten Dunst

The 40’s is a difficult point in your life, because it’s difficult to walk the prioress tight rope between ideally smart and conservative and the dreaded stuffy and drab. So doing so always asks for a herculean effort of creativity and strategy.
Work: clinched waists to accentuate the curves, formfitting shape to still show a healthy body and the inclusion of a frothy, filled piece in a solid shade can be an outfit maker.
Play: strategic cut outs are the key; your sex appeal isn’t waning. Its evolving, so you don’t need to reveal as much flesh to feel sexy, subtly and cut outs is the key to the 40’s. A slit down the side of you leg, a glimpse of your cleavage or a peek at your back, is more than enough to get the tongues wagging.

Icons: Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Connelly and Courtney Fox

By the time you are 50 you are freed from the whims of fashion trends, instead you focus your creative juices on maintaining the height of elegances, timeless appeal and an uptown aura.
Work: colour should always be a lush, low key affair; think deep browns, blacks, greys and navy, but don’t think this is admittances or surrendering to the mundane and remarkable, keep the look innovative and interesting with complex details like pleats or embellishments on blouses and tops. And terms of giving the bottom a fresh twist; think long, lean cut trousers or skirts energised with lace or frills to keep the look slightly playful yet ultimately respectable.
Play: a long flowing, black satin gown and an embroidered cardigan or luxuries faux fur coat is the definition of what a woman in her 50’s should be wearing. It has a hint of glamour, drenched in sophistication and sex appeal.

Icons: Linda Evangelista, Sigourney Weaver and Tilda Swinton

60s and above
Generally towards the end of your 60’s you have your mind firmly set of retiring and the possibility of a life of ease and comfort. So I personally think the 60s and thereafter should be less about concentrating about how you look in terms of pleasing other people and more how you feel; so the ultimate buzz words for the over 60’s are comfort and ageless beauty from within.
Work and play: An exquisite tailoring, quality fabrics and streamline aesthetic can be achieved with suits both plush and luxuries in cloudy ivories, delicious chocolates and creamy beiges.

Icons: Helen Mirren, Judy Dench and Barbara Walters


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