New Year’s resolution – stop making news resolutions!

Lose weight. Find love. Be more finically independent. Be more successful. Quit smoking; we have all been there time and time again. The clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve and under the potent concoction of alcohol and raging hormones from the New Years kiss. We make these lofty, ambiguous goals for ourselves, assuming because it’s a new year, thus a new you and this year is your year, everything will go to plan.  But come January 31your gym card is gathering dust at the bottom of your purse; you’re back to 40 cigarettes a day and you’re still running back to mum and dad when rent day comes a knocking.  Okay sure there is nothing wrong with setting high goals for yourselves, but when you make them so daunting; you can end up being intimidated by them, easier to give up then put yourself through the torture, setting yourself up for failure because you can’t reach them,  eventually igniting a perpetual motion of bad energy and failure. And most importantly human beings are creatures of habits and it isn’t so easy to just break them at a whim, but instead needs to continuously work at for a long duration of time to see the big changes you desire. So here are the five most frequent ambiguous and lofty resolutions we all like to set and here are smaller easier steps you can take to help lighten the load.

  1. Lose weight

This one is easy, just get a gym membership for £30 a month, eat 5 fruit and vegetables daily and go to the gym every single day until your beach body is ready. Well as we all find out within a week, this one is far easier said and done, because there are varieties of external and as well as internal factors that prevent us from accomplishing this goal. Not having enough time to cook healthy food, work hours impede your available working out hours and of course the X factor final on is on tonight, I’ll go to the gym tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes, because we’re expecting such a massive change exercise and eating habits in such a short amount of time.  So Instead of paying too much money for a gym you rarely go to, why not instead chose to walk to work or the shops. Instead of stressing over how you’re going to cram all the main food groups into each and every meal, instead just aim for one piece of fruit and Veg with every meal. Also if cooking healthy constantly is to time taxing, instead on a Sunday spend a good few cooking enough food for the whole week, in that case during the week you simply have to grab a tamper wear box and go.

  1. Quit smoking

Cigarettes are addictive! They have nicotine in them! That’s why after you started smoking in the first places you couldn’t stop. So generally it requires a herculean amount of will power to just wake up one day and decide you’re never going to smoke again for the rest of your life. Oh you do? Well congratulations sir you are not human. Quitting smoking is a lot harder of a task then we non-smokers generally give it credit for. In that regards quitting cold turkey is out of the question, so on the contrary it would be better to follow 10% rule, that is try and reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke daily each week, so for example if you’re used to smoke 40 a day, the next week try to reduce the number down to 36 a day and so and so on until your tar free. Or of course you can go for a nicotine patch, but that would be too easy.   

  1. Find love

O The girl next door and Mr. Right where art thou?  At times finding these perfectly sculpted, golden haired Adonis’s who love Game of Thrones as much as you do and their favourite hobby is having you curled up in their arms  can prove as allusive as trying to find Wally whilst wearing a blindfold.  At the best of times finding love is a goal that should be set with great caution, because loneliness and meals for one are a fate that will surely befall you if you sit around and expect it to merely drop into your lap. So instead of passively wishing upon a star, it’s better to be more active and join a dating site, attend mixers and single nights and don’t have such a rigid ideal of the your perfect partner etched into you.  Why? Because simply the laws of averages dictate, that the more people you meet, the more likely you are going to meet someone you like. And in terms of getting rid of rigid ideals, it’s not a case of settling but more of being flexible and open in what you are looking for in a mate.

  1. Be more finically successful

Get rich or dying trying. Men have been trying to reach the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for generations and have any of them found it yet? No. Why? Because trying to get rich is a vein pursuit and unnecessary expenditure of energy better suited for something else.  Such as investing it in education, so that you can increase you’re earning potential. You want to get rich? Take a course in business management so you start and run your own business that provides excellent services to the public.  Or just aim for the goal of getting your finances in check, so you have more money to save and put away in saving accounts for a rainy day or in low risk investments, that will slowly accumulate you profit over time. 

  1. Travel more

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Milan, Nairobi, Hawaii, Tokyo perhaps? The world is a beautiful place and demands to be explored in all its splendour. But all good things come at a price, and travelling to such exotic locations can demand the biggest of them of all. However if you’re a student,  quickly shake the words 7 star hotel and first class out of your vocabulary, there are plenty of ways of travelling without having to ask for loans from bank mum and dad. Why not earn money while your travel; getting remedial jobs during the day guarantees you more fun at night. Why not volunteer? Sure you still pay for your flights but generally charities can subsidies you for living costs. Which would save you so much more money in the long run and the volunteering will provide you with the opportunity to do something great for humanity.  Or you can stay home and explore England more…nah! sun, sand and beach here I come!


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