American Football will never be Football

Last Sunday marked the inaugural Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks who failed to make two Super Bowl wins on the bounce thanks to a resounding victory by the Patriots spearheaded by an emphatic Tom Brady performance. The game was blessed with hulking frames, big swaggering wages and show stopping moments.  And it for this reason why the NFL has always been the single most important sporting event that ignites flames of passion in hearts, splits alliances and compels millions of sick days in the American people.  This year in particular the event attracted record audiences of 114 million Americans, the highest in its entire history and the year before that the Super Bowl attracted 160 million viewers worldwide, impressive numbers right? Expect when you consider that this year’s total is pretty much an average of what the premier league gets on a weekend bases and last year’s NFL view global total was resolutely eclipsed by the world cups hefty audiences of over 1 billion – the NFL doesn’t look so big and powerful anymore. The NFL has been trying to change this chasm in world appreciation for the sport and the beautiful game for some time, one of which is by hosting the regular season games at Wembley and proposing English NFL franchises. But despite the NFL attempts it will always be the warm up act to Football, because the sport is riddled with too many inadequacies to compete with the people’s game.

To many breaks in play

Watching the Super Bowl last Sunday, was an excruciating moment in my life; I dread to ever have to repeat again, a sentiment carried adamantly by my fellow English friends. The reason we found it to be such a difficult watch was the ridiculous amounts of breaks in play, the sudden drop in pace from the usual fast and furious play we’ve grown accustomed to in the premier league gave us whiplash. In the American football they have breaks every time the ball goes out of bounds, the ball is dropped, in between quarters and turnovers in play, sometimes it even feels like they take a break every time someone has to pass wind. What’s with all the breaks? This isn’t Barry from a Sunday league football team running up and down the field; those are supposedly 250+ pound juggernauts jetting up and down. But the main problem with having so many breaks is that it takes all the thrill, excitement and spectacle away from the sport.

To many adverts

It seems that the NFL personification commercialism, materialism and every other ism under the sun. Every two minutes the audiences is bombarded with obscene amounts of beer, car and fast food commercials that sometimes trick you into thinking that no real actual human begins live in America, instead they are all Audi cars that run on Budweiser and Big Macs. There are so many adverts during the sport, that they have become big events in themselves and are secretly the main motivators for most people to tune in so they can bask in the nonsensical drivel that they are.


While on a football pitch you can so convened an assortment of different sizes, shapes and talents blessed with different attributes; may it be speed, stamina or skill or diverse types of players in the ilk of; Messi with supernatural ball control, Yaya toure who can stampede across a pitch like a bull on steroids or David Luiz who can appear godly and foolishly all in the same match, football is blessed with diversity in abundances. Then when you look at the NFL all you see is either lean quick players, beer belly stone walls and a quarter backs with a sore arm. American football is a sport that only requires two basic traits and that’s speed and strength and absolutely nothing else.

The rules are to complex

I can’t even begin to run through the rules of American Football without running the risk of getting a pension, having grandchildren and descending into old age before I’m finished, whereas all the rules of football can explained during half time and in-between sips of a pint. I’ve been watching NFL on and off for the last 2 years and can still barely decipher my arse from my elbow.

It’s not football

Cricket can’t be football, basket ball can’t be football, rugby can’t be football and certainly American Football can still have football in the name and still not be football. Because beautiful game is simply just that, it’s beautiful; it’s about watching all your problems elevate your body for 90 minutes of bliss. It’s about being heart broken and then falling in love over and over again in the spaces of a minute. Its being part of something bigger than yourself, being part of a brotherhood, being part of a family. Football is the great leveler of differences, when the whistle blows for the start of the match the ideas of race, religion and class quickly blow away as football transcends into the heavens of our hearts. While football seems like an organic even spiritual entity, American football on the other hands seems somehow robotic; it lacks in fluent movement because of the constant breaks, its fueled by commercialism, devoid of a personality and controlled by a series of complex rules and regulations that tips non-American brains into overload when they try to figure them out.

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