Top 5 actresses under 25

From the 1940’s to the 1960s the golden age of Hollywood cinema was epitomised by woman who were more than just sultry screen sirens or  mere background decoration for their male counter parts, they truly possessed titanic acting talent that made them forces to be reckoned with. The likes of Marilyn Monroe, Katherine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman and Grace Kelly were stars in their own right and had the ability to light up dark theaters spectacularly with their verve, elegance and wit.

However, subsequently after the golden age, a lack of strong female roles has meant that the magic of the Hollywood leading lady has been slightly dulled. But, fortunately when you look now to the 2010’s, it seems like we’re entering another golden era of female talent, which also appears to be blossoming younger and younger; whilst still being able to shine brighter and brighter than any other generation of actresses since the 60s. These five actresses might not be quite at the same level as the Monroe’s or Hepburn’s of the world, yet, but right now they are taking Hollywood by storm and no doubt given the captivating roles  they deserve and time to develop, they have the ability to craft a platinum era of cinema and possibly become legends in their own rights.

5. Margot Robbie


Australia’s two juggernaut soaps – Home and Away and Neighbors, in recent years has proven to be  fertile soil for nurturing acting and singing talent, but I’m not just talking about the Hemsworth brothers and Kylie Minogue, I’m talking about the latest ozzy babe who merely three years out of Ramsey street is already working with Hollywood’s biggest heavy weights. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing how Margot Robbie’s career unfurls, she is so good at packing so much grit and danger behind a sweet girl exterior that you know that she is exactly the femme fatal crime and action genre have been crying out for, so don’t be surprised to see her name beneath the likes of Will Smith and  Leonardo DiCaprio for many more movies to come.

4. Shailene Woodley


Seeing her in the Descendants and Fault in our Stars, you would have been seduced into thinking you were laying witnesses to a veteran actress at the peak of her powers. But you would be wrong in thinking so, not only because she is just 23 and still has a long illustrious career ahead of her, but she is certainly not at the peak of her powers. Woodley’s tiny frame is remarkably able able to pack a atom bomb size of emotion power, and her face is an empty book and canvas, where every facial expression tells its own remarkable story and weaves a rich tapestry of emotion, that she can then expertly coaxes you into feeling also. When finally the day comes when she is among the nominees for a Best Actress (and that day is sure to come soon), the winner of that statue is sure to have Shailene Woodley embossed proudly across it.

  1. Saoirse Ronan


I got the greatest shock ever listening to Saoirse Ronan speak on the Jonathan Ross show, because for a girl who can pull of an impeccable upper class English accent for the Atonement or a generic American accent for How I live now, she surprising has a really thick Irish accent.   But that’s the thing with Saoirse, if you asked people what country they thought she was from based on her movies, they would immediately assume she is from the country the film is based in, because she absolutely incredible with accents. Just like her accents, maybe even more so than all the other actresses on this list, Saorise Ronan is the most versatile, there is literally not a film on her CV that hasn’t fallen into a number of the different genres: If you want quirky see her performances in Grand Budapest, if you want adrenaline pumped action watch out for Hannah or if you want your creepy supernatural, just check out Death Defying Acts; Saoirse Ronan can simply do it all.

  1. Dakota Fanning


I know this would be hard for you to believe, but Dakota Fanning is JUST 20-years-old. No seriously, she is only 20. I know, I know it feels virtually impossible that she can still be so young, considering that she has been knocking about in Hollywood for more than a decade, which technically makes her a veteran. Ever since bursting on the scene at only 7 in the film I Am Sam, she has been doing film after film after film, clearly the idea of sleep and having 24 hours in a day is a concept that doesn’t apply to Dakota! But wait, don’t think she quantity over quality, because every performances is assured, finely tuned and ensures she can stand tall next to the best of them. Just imagine that Dakota Fanning has worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest talents: Oprah, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, Steve Buscemi, Denzel Washington and Christopher Walken among them.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence


Three time nominee and one Oscar win, crowned one of the most powerful woman by Times and among the most influential in the world according to Forbes and all of this at the mere age of 24 – Jennifer Lawrence is killing it at the moment. Which shouldn’t be such a surprise considering she has that rare combination of swoon inducing beauty and show stopping talent, but also in the past she has shown that she is equally adept at all areas of the film world – she can do art house with Winters Bone, Oscar bate films such as Silverlinings Playbook, ensemble pieces like American Hustle and oh year, she can lead a blockbuster franchise in the ilk of the Hunger Games.What is left of the film industry that J Law hasn’t concord already?

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