Spring must haves!

If you close your eyes and think of spring, there is a good chances your mind would instantly conjures up images of blooming flowers, the buzz of bees and the sun shining bright in the sky. Spring is the time of the year where Mother Nature awakens from a deep slumber and she fully expects you to seize every lush day with style, panache and of course whist always looking at your very best and below the 6 spring staples are sure to help you achieve that.

Floral print shirts

I’ve always been a firm advocate of the floral print shirt, even as far as going to say that she it should be a mainstay in every body’s wardrobe all year round. But with its striking design, unique appearance and allusion to an exotic paradise, what better way to enjoy the beauty of spring than wearing everything you love about it on a shirt. I’m talking big, bold and brilliant; so think flamingos, palm trees and bright flowers, but always ensure to pair it with neutral hue like black to give the look some balance.

Brands to look out for: Scotch & Soda, Topman and Hentsch Man


Always one of the most versatile items in any suave gentlemen’s wardrobe, chino particularly in colours mauve and copper can literally go with anything; so conceivably you could wear the same pair every single day for the rest spring and still be able to look different during every one of them. You can pair it with a simple tee for a paired back, minimalist vibe or you can dress it up with a denim shirt and a loosely tailored blazer to create the epitome of the smart casual look.

Brands to look out for: J.Crew, French Connection and Gant

Bucket hats

No longer the reserve of nostalgic flashbacks to yesteryear, all great fashion trends never die out and the bucket hat is probably the greatest trend to come out of the 90s, sorry ripped jeans and thus I’m happy to bucket hats making a coming back into fashion. May it be the Tommy Hilfiger and the hip hop, skater boys or modern day fashion models swaggering down the cat walks; buckets hats, have and always will be associated with coolness and individuality. Bucket hats come in all shapes and sizes, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your combinations, however I do feel a bucket hat is at its best when in a bright shade and matched with a monochrome outfit because it gives it that unconventional fresh twist.

Brands to look out for: Tommy Hilfiger, Eleven Paris and ASOS


With the sun in the sky, spring demands talking bike rides around lakes, picnics in the park and fun days at the beach and nothing comes more in handy for the active and the style conscious than a chic backpack bestowed by the fashion gods themselves. But I’m not talking a quick trip down to sports direct; I’m talking Faux Suede and leather for something that both practical and pretty to look at.

Brands to look out for: Mi-Pac, Sandqvist Ane and Gucci


With so much to do in spring, you want to be able to move around with ease and speed, so good bye dessert, Chelsea and military style boots and hello light weight, eye catching trainers. Pair with tapered trouser or a chino short so your shoe game gets all the attention that it deserves.

Brands to look out for: Maison Martin Margiela, Reebok and New Balances

Light weight bomber jackets

The weather is improving, but it’s not quiet summer yet, so don’t be too hasty when it comes to closing the chapter on jackets for another year, because bomber jacket provides just enough protection on the colder days but are still light weight enough to keep you cool in the heat. Like the chinos, the bomber jacket is such a versatile item that it equally adept at heightening the wow factor on any outfits it’s made a part of. However if you’re looking for more guidance, I would suggest looser fitting jacket paired with slim fit silhouette to give an effective balances between light and heavy.

Brands to look out for: Zara, Tommy Hilfiger and Ben Sherman

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