The secrets to wearing double denim

For too long now double denim has associated with the stuff of fashion nightmares, jolting us awake in cold sweats with the image of cowboys and Britney and. Nevertheless I urge you to quickly banish that less than savoury flashback out of your mind right now! Because double denim has tons of chic potential, edgy fire power and rebel verve that isn’t being tapped into. Wearing double denim is one of the greatest art of forms in the fashion world and require only the bravest of souls to adorn it; for double denim like the past would admit, can so easily teeter perilously on the thin line between fashion faux pas and fashion forward. But fear not because you have a saving grace in four rules that that followed promise stopped cars, silenced rooms and swooning ladies.

Colour blocking

If you want to avoid looking like an escaped inmate from Alcatraz, its best to avoid a blanket of denim, instead add a block of colour in the shape of a cotton shirt or light weight jumper. if it’s a dark pairing of denim pair it with a splash of yellow or grey if it’s a light pairing; because colour blocking effectively breaks up the unsightly wall of denim and adds a eye catching burst of colour that balances out the denim. Another positive for colour blocking is that it doesn’t require extensively expensive pieces with a simple Primark Crew T-shirt sufficing. However if you want to push the envelope further and go for a dark blue cotton-blend over shirt from AMI or checked woven short-sleeved shirt from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Same tones

People generally always say that when wearing denim its best to go for shades in opposing colours, well frankly those people are wrong. Miss matching denim merely takes the whole fun out of wearing double denim, is just too safe of an option. Instead matching shades of denim give a wearer a timeless quality, a ode to a forgotten time and gives the impression that you don’t follow anyone else’s rules but your own. But if you’re wearing the same tone then quality of fabric and texture is an imperative, so think Nudie jeans combined with something from Levi’s jacket collection, which both offer durable material with a classic feel.


If you are wearing double denim, its best avoided at under any circumstances to pair the look with a casual trainer or converse, because double denim is all about look rugged and being timeless. Wearing trainers with the looks make you look five year old on his first day at big boy school or worse tacky. A double denim outfit demands to be worn with a strong chunky shoe game; think Chelsea boots, classic Timberlands, DR Martens or a chukka boots to give your outfit an authorative presences and great senses purpose.

Slim fit

If you want to avoid looking like a 80s reject or a background extra from Saved by the Bell, less fitting jackets and straight legged trouser need to be expelled at all cost. Our modern fashion world has been governed rightly by slim fits for a while now, so by applying the same sentiment to your double denim pairing, you’re adding a contemporary twist to a classic look. Also opting for an aerodynamic look prevents the denim combination from looking to heavy, suffocating and less of the denim looking like its wearing you and more life you are wearing the denim.

Double denim offers so many opportunities, that it baffles me not see more of it strutting down the street like it’s supposed to. Maybe for too long the fashion snobs have been trying to deter us away from the double D look, which is same because the look is so versatile and never fails to stand out for all the right reasons. But what do you think, I you ready for the plunge?

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