Why you need Vintage in your life

It’s one step closer to history

Woodstock 1969, the air was thick with revolutionary music, minds unchained by psychedelic drugs and bodies entwined in the embraces of free love. The 50s was the era that allowed teens to break all the rules, forge their own identities and give a middle finger salute to their parents old fashioned music tastes and restrictive culture. The birth of hip hop was the birth of giving a real voice to the people, the birth of a secret club that you had to be initiated to join, the birth of a mobilisation of a new zeitgeist.

Yet as great as all those moments were, they are all part of history and can never physically be relived again; which is a shame because who wouldn’t want to have heard Hendrix doing the American national anthem with guitar riffs or the first time the Sugar Hill Gang rapped their first line. But as much as we try, we’re not Doctor Who and time travel isn’t an option – well not physically, but with vintage it’s you next best option; you can embody a moment, you can capture the fervour of an era and you can feel closer to the past than you ever thought possible. Because the past still lives on within flower power headbands, leather jackets and Reebok classics on the rails of every charity shop and vintage store up and down the country.

It’s all about shopping for less

No matter if your Taylor Swift or Barry from Greggs, everybody likes a bargain and likes to think that they’re a savvy shopper, who can get the best quality the smallest prices. But what people generally don’t know is that Vintage store can easily satisfy all our frugal needs and inspire jealousy at the same time.

What is less likely to give yourself and your accountant a mini heart attack; a silk crafted, light weight Versace bomber jacket that costs £1,740 or similar looking jacket from the 80s that looks just as good, but will only set you back a mildly dizzying £40? Vintage stores offer great prices for great items, so never think that the low price is an indicator of low quality. Generally the vintage clothes you find are predominantly in good standing, so there is no reason why they can’t continue to be a statement pieces in your wardrobe now as they were back in the day to someone else.

It makes you unique

“I love your jacket, where did you get it from?”, “Topman”. “Oh I love your trousers, where do you get them?”, “Topman”. “Wow I love your shirt, where did you get it from?”, “Topman”. “And your soul?”, “Topman”. Do these conversations sound familiar to you, what am I saying, of course they do! It seems nowadays Topman is producing uniformed clones to take over the world, one spray on skinny jeans at a time. I don’t know about you, but I still value individuality and standing out from the crowd and the greatest remedy to conformity is wearing vintage. By its very nature vintage clothes are vintage because there is many clothes of their type still around; so if you do wear vintage you can guarantee there probably won’t be anyone else wearing the exact same pieces, unless of course you’re looking at yourself in the mirror. Ultimately at the end of the day, each of us is unique and has something different and beautiful to contribute to this life and I’m certain vintage is the best way to communicate to the world or individuality.

It gives you excitement of a treasure hunt

I’m not sure about you, but in the back of my mind I still hold that dream that one day; I can adorn a fedora hat, find an aviator jacket, hold a whip, call myself Indiana Jones and explore the world while hunting for hidden treasures and losts worlds. But when you think about by shopping vintage, you’re pretty much searching for treasures already, because every time you step into a vintage or charity store you’re searching for the holy trinity; a garment that looks good, is unique and most importantly fits you perfectly in and amongst clothes of so many different shapes, colours and sizes. That’s why every time I go vintage shopping my experience is always meet with; adrenaline, excitement, mystery and occasionally blood, if I see anyone trying to go for those black dungarees that clearly have my name written all over them!


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