Incorporate a bit of Africa into your wardrobe

With the continued successes and popularisation of high street brands such as Zara, Topman and H an M, it has become harder than ever for any style discerning gentleman to stand out from the crowd and receive the compliments he deserves. So on the contrary why not epitomise an ever connected world, by going a little bit more exotic and vibrant in your clothing palate by investing in pieces from the African continent. A place so absolutely brimming with a rich history, culture and tradition, it provides ample chic arsenal for any show stopping outfit.  

But don’t get the wrong impression, the continent offers a whole lot more than just tribal print and loose fits. When I say Africa, I’m talking aesthetically pleasing rich fabrics from South Africa, loud prints from Ghana and sleek, versatile tailoring from Nigeria. Africa offers so many exciting possibilities it is a complete mystery why the clothes haven’t had a bigger presences on our high streets already. 

You don’t even have to go head-to-two in the continents fashion to get that unique fashion forward look; you can easily and seamlessly incorporate a few certain pieces such as shirts and rucksacks, into your already existent outfit options to conjure up a style that both translates internationally and looks well-traveled, while at the same time looks comfortable and personalized. 


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