Girls episode 1 review

Awkward, funny, cringy, touching, reassuring, honest. In the far to short time of the first episode of Girls, an agonising 30 minutes; you can easily and happily draw so many superlatives, quotable lines and laugh out loud moments from it. As a whole Girls is a great testament to the wit, creativity and frankness of writer/ director and actor Lena Dunham who offers a raucously funny snap of main character Hanna and her conveyor belt of diverse, silly and quirky friends. Also with Judd Aptow as executive producer, Girls certainly has enough comedic fire power to leave you desperately seeking the nearest bathroom before you wet yourself.

In the first episode we are introduced to; Marnie who often the voice of reason and logic, finds herself incessantly looking for faults in her seemingly perfect boyfriend. There is Jessa a crazy, bohemian free spirit who storms back into town and takes up residence with her awkward, sweet and uptight cousin called Shoshanna. While Hanna is an aspiring writer with tons of neuroses, who finds herself trapped in a toxic relationship and a dead end internship, only to then get a bitter shock to the system when she is cut of finically by her parents.

Many comparisons have been drawn to Sex and City, in the sense that they both feature female centric plotlines and candid discussions and depiction of female sexuality. But for me that’s where the similarities dry up; because Girls is unique and brilliant in its own right and while the characters of Sex and City are well put together career women; the women Girls are intelligent yet stupid, strong yet fragile and happy yet filled with solace. The characters in Girls are just silly, confused kids trying to make sense of this big, scary and wonderful world. It’s obvious individually they have none of the answers, but you feel together they can just about survive the storm of young adulthood and eventually sail into womanhood.

It so tempting to want to binge watch the entire couple of season in one weekend, but I think Girls deserve more than that. Like all great TV series, Girls deserves patients to view its genius in small increments, so you can get to know the wonderful characters slowly and so you have enough time to meditate and appreciate each episode for the brilliance it is. To predicate where the refreshing and bold writing of Dunham will take Girls as the seasons progresses will be very difficult, which is a testament to her writing because it is so innovative, off the cuff and controversial that you literally don’t know what bizarreness will happen next. However what I do know is that Is that the character are so wacky, weird and wonderful that no matter what the situation or moment, you know you’re going to be laughing your arse off.


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