How to wear white trousers

White trousers were made for summer!

While August/Winter can be epitomised by the parka and beanie hat, Spring/Summer on the other hand is all about the white trousers. I’m a firm believer that white trousers shouldn’t be the reserve of millionaire who sail on Yates or own holiday homes in the French Riviera, because I believe white trouser are such a versatile satirical piece. Sure behind the scenes they require great care and meticulous cleanliness; on the surface they’re cool, crisp, laidback and extremely sophisticated when paired and rocked correctly.


No more duvets and hot chocolate, its times to get out and about and bring your white trousers with you! For formal occasions white trousers are perfect when teamed with a blazer from Austin Reed, light weight sweaters or oxford shirt in lighter colours such as pastels as well as various shades of grey. Complete the look with either boat shoes or loafers from Office, if you want to be the talk of the town and are need of a classy well put together attire.

Key Piece: Blazers  to set your outfit ablaze


But sometime all you want to do is have a casual day at the beach or barbeque in the back garden with the family, so all you need to give your white trousers the laidback chill look is to pair them with plain tees. However I’m not talking £5 pound basics, because casual doesn’t mean lazy. When picking the perfect tee you need T-shirt that fit your body shape and have a sharp tailored looking aesthetic. Spice up the look with a trilby hat for a burst of fun and a wild selection of light, comfy trainers that range from Reebok classics to New Balances, but especially Roshes from Nike which look and feel strolling on a bed of marshmallows!

Key piece: sneakers to make you look like the coolest kid on the block


Summer is all about pops of colour, energy and vibrancy and white trousers are the perfect partner in crime to a whole spectrum of fun prints, bright colours and bold fashion choices. I’m talking floral prints, checks and retro cool – imagine the title sequence of Saved by the Bell but on a shirt, then you will know what I’m talking about! But forget mainstream stores, it’s all about that vintage and sites like Rokkit and Blitz can be a cool kids Mecca.

But with the shirt doing all the talking, every other component of the outfit should be kept nice and simple. A white pair of pumps or converses are what is required to add some balances to the overall look, whilst still maintain that eye catching flair.

Key piece: Kaleidoscopic prints

With the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, beautiful woman on your arm and white trouser on your legs, your summers will never be the same again.


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