The Apple watch is a timeless statement piece.

Since the turn of the century, Apple has seamlessly seeped into every knock and cranny of our existence; so it was about time that it has now made the first few bold steps to engraining itself into our wearable fashion lives as well! It was on stage in California that Tim Cook unveiled the latest edition to the Apple army, the Apple Watch; slick, stylish and elegantly made and certainly in my eyes, the Apple Watch has certainly blossomed boldly into the fashion conscious world.

Sure the watch boasts a variety of fresh innovative features that Apple would be more than happy for us to wax lyrical about, but what really gravitates me towards it and sets my body swooning whenever its name is mentioned, is the watches aesthetics. Apple has taken great labour to ensure the watch quickly becomes a luxurious, desirable and very much a vanquisher of flashbacks to bulky, dull, unattractive and duds of attempts by the industry as a whole to ignite the demand for wearable technology. However that is a problem Apple has stayed well clear of mainly because of its versatility factor; the magnetic straps are interchangeable and can be easily swapped and matched with accordance with any outfit style, colour palate or social occasion. While secondly the use of premium materials means the watch is light weight, durable and will certainly ensure all season wielding.

At nearly £500 pound on the official Apple store, the Apple watch is a tad on the premium side of the spectrum. However considering the watch perfectly combines function with fashion and with a customisable design, you can toss in fun into the mix also, who needs a mortgage!


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