The Dawn of the Cultural Sphere

I am a painter, I must paint. I am a novelist, I must write novels. I am a film directors, I must direct films. So what is the creative sphere? It means allowing creatives to expand their horizons and use their abilities to innovate, imagine and think in new out of the box ways, to help them diversify in terms of work and allow them to find fresh ways to express themselves creatively for greater benefit for themselves and the UK as a whole.

The world as a whole finds itself slap bang in the middle of a hurricane of change. Even before you can blink, the world is increasingly innovating and reshaping closer to a uncertain yet very exciting future. But the dawn of undertaking one profession for the rest of your life has well and truly become a distant memory of the past. With rise of the rest instead of just merely the west and the digital evolution rather than revolution, means the creative minds of the future must be prepared to adapt quickly and decisively to a vastly changing social, technological, creative and economic environment.

For the first time in the history of the modern working man, millinerals are no longer looking for a job of a life time but instead a job for next 10 years and one in which it will also act as a spring board into another avenue in life, nowhere is this more of a fact than in the creative industry. I for one couldn’t be anymore happier at this, sure the UK creative industry is going through a fruitful period; Rockstar Games created the highest selling game of all time, Adele has the highest selling digital album of all time, the Inbetweeners have made more than £100 million in cinemas and UK fashion industry spare headed by innovative designers like Christoper Bailey at Burrberry now a pioneering  global presence, has helped bring in £25 billion to the British economy. The future of the creative economy looks bright, but I feel that as long as creatives are open to constantly looking for new ways to expand their creativity, the creative horizon can look supernova.

As I was alluding to in my opening sentence, the basis of your degree or experience background shouldn’t be seen as a ball and chain to tither you to one creative path, instead it should be seen as foundation or a wealth of inspiration for something new creatively. Someone with a degree in architecture, doesn’t have to obsessively pursue a career in building, but can instead use his learning of composing rooms ascetically, lighting composition and use of space and bringing that knowledge into the arena of film-making, considering a films stylistic look can be built on these understandings. A person who has been training to be a singer doesn’t necessarily have to produce exclusively music records to get by, but can instead use their song writing skills and music composition skills for creating the music for adverts or scoring films. Even a scriptwriter doesn’t have depend solely on film as a means of creative expression, they could branch out to novel writing or even writing the scripts for video games, which are increasingly becoming more complex and narrative depended.

Grand Theft Auto 5 was credited with being the fast selling entertainment product of all time, with an income of a $1 billion in just three days, the fear of the of video game world being bigger the film industry looks soon to be become a reality. But this doesn’t have to detriment the career of directors and actors, but instead can be another avenue they can exploit and it seems many actors have been doing so. Ellen Page is as know for her role as Juno in the film of the same name as the voice of role Jodie Holmes in the game Beyound: Two souls. You can also find the voices of Kevin Spacey, William Defoe and Nichlous Cage on other popular games.

Creatives don’t even have to stay in the world of art, music or film and can instead even branch out to the world of business. Because being creative means the ability to innovate and find new interesting ways of seeing things or problems in new perspective, so what business wouldn’t pride that and won’t bend over backwards to attain such sharp thinkers? The best example of this was Steve Jobs, a man who would be the first to admit he wasn’t the most technologically savvy and was initially better suited to the world of calligraphy rather than a computer hard-drive. But soon his innovation,drive and creative vision helped spear headed the revolution of the mirco-computer and led to the birth of Apple, now currently the largest company in the world. There are even
more examples of the expanding of the creative sphere present everyday in the world of celebrity. Dr Dre was once known for producing and rapping for NWA, but now he is even more recognisable for owning Beats by Dre, a headphone company that was brought for $3 billion by Apple. Alica Keys a former creative director at Blackberry, originally came into the public eye as a singer and then of course is 50 cent who you are as likely to see on clothing, mineral drinks, video games and even movies printed with his name on them as you would rap singles.

Broadening creatively is just a means to make money, it can also more importantly nurture and sharpen a person creativity. Inspiration can come from the most unexpected sources, for example in the film The Exorcist directed by William Friedkin, the most famous scene of the entire film was when the character Father Merrin steps out of a taxi and onto a fog filled street, only partially lit by one solitary light. The scene is legendary for its stunning artistic beauty, yet chilling atmosphere and the reason it appears in the film was because the director was inspired by a painting by surrealist Rene Magrittie’s called Empire of the Sun. Moving between creative spheres is like a bee cross pollinating different flowers, you bring a little of what you learned
from one and bring it to another, giving you fresh insight and ideas each time.

Evolution – A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex and better form. Natural Selection – The process whereby organisms that are better adapted to their environment, eventually become better suited to the froes of survival. So if emerging creative work force wants to continually adapt and evolve to better suit the whirlpool of a changing world, they must be flexible, open minded and prepared to fully utilize their creativity on multiple levels and don’t allow such things as degrees or titles to prevent them from trying new things and expanding their horizons. For UK businesses and creative industries to continue to grow and have a larger global presence, we as creatives have to contribute to the creative
sphere in any which way we can.


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