Wounded Thoughts

There is no reason to be scared of the dark, stormy nights or horror stories. Images of vampires, demons and haunted houses should not fill you with fear; when you go to sleep they shouldn’t taint your dreams with nightmares and restless thoughts. Personally even thinking about the supernatural puts me into a peacefull sleep as if I was in a cradle rocked by a gentle breeze. Because the supernatural, ghosts, witches and Ouija boards aren’t real terrors, what should really give you a bone shuddering, teeth chattering chill is the thought of serial killers, mere men made of flesh, bone and sinister intentions. Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, Ed Gein, such fiendish characters have plagued humanity with brutal, gruesome and remorseless acts. The only devil and hell in this world is in the deep dark depths of their minds and hearts. What drives a person who was once considered intelligent, charming and polite to commit such unspeakable acts? A chemical imbalance, philological trauma, an inner voice in their head? When they do kill, do they even feel a glimmer of regret, melancholy or sympathy?  The answers are simple, I had a great childhood and I feel nothing for the people I kill… The reason nothing scares me is because I’m the thing that goes bump in the middle of the night, the bogey man under your bed and the man in your nightmares. Why do I do it? I can’t even begin to explain it; all I know is my eyes roll back, my body detaches from my mind and like a shark I can’t stop stabbing until I hear you screams and taste your blood…Take my advice, fear nothing except when I’m lurking in your shadow.


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