How to wear pink

Rule 1: Confidence… Ironically and contrary to popular belief, the colour pink was once considered a very masculine colour on accounts of its brightness and boldness, but over time the reputation of pink was pigeons holed in aid of selling a very popular girls doll. For so long considered childish, feminine and all very Barbie, the colour pink for a very long time made as many appearances in men’s outfit choices as Adam Johnson did for England. Which is a shame because a pop of pink in consideration can add a burst of flavour and verve to an outfit and sends the message to the outside world that you’re a confident man. Well lucky for men everywhere, the waves of change have sufficiently crashed onto the shores of fashion and now graced on magazines, shown on the runway and spotted in the high streets, pink has made a welcome return to the clothing of men. But just like with all bright colours, there are certain rules to abide by when wielding such an impressive colour.


The last thing you want is to look like the long lost pink Teletubie, so head to toe pink is an obvious no no. Instead with such a bright colour, the key is to utilise it sparingly so that it enhances your outfit instead of drowning it. So think about layering a dark navy trench coat and plain denim jeans with a white shirt and a pink sweater as your pop of colour. A measured and controlled balance of dark and colour can be the key to making an outift look well put together and deliberated, so a pop of pink should always be set against a canvas of navy, blacks or browns. A great example of a design label who understands the concept of balance is label Sibling which showcased a inspired mixing of supposedly feminine with the masculine by fusing hot pink with monochrome.

Different skin complexion marry well with different shades of pink and discovering the right shade of pink to suit your complexion, can be the final key you to need unlock your impressive pink wearing potential. For a paler skin tone, deeper set pinks like emerald and amaranth can be a great match. While having a darker complexion can afford more choices in pink, however the best shade for dark skin are the slighter paler varieties, so anything from ruby to salmon or any other type of pastels would be a good choice.

Breaking away

Most people when opting for pink only do so via the safe options of pink socks they got for Christmas, a pink and black stripped tie and a faded out pink shirt they wack on when all other shirts are in the washer. But why not break away from the mode and launch yourself into the bold elite in the form of a pink blazer? Just make sure to abide to the law of balance by pairing it with head to toe black underneath, so you can leave the blazer to be the showpiece. Of course its unconventional, but its that very sense of unorthodoxy that will ensure that you stand out for the crowd and attract admiration.


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