The Power of the Slip on

Casual, sleek and effortless to put on. The slip on shoe is the epitome of laid back style and instantly adds another dimension to any outfit. From the boat shoe to the Tom, every mans wardrobe owes itself a classic and sophisticated new addition. So read on to find out how perfectly to integrate the Cristiano Ronaldo of footwear and by that I mean the very best that money can buy, in every great outfit in your arsenal.

The Boat Shoe

With such a thick air of sophistication, its difficult to not stop, stand, admire and merely soak it all in. The boat shoe lends itself absolutely to the white trousers or chinos, oxford shirt and blazer combination, giving its fortunate wearer the option for a effortless transition from a casual stroll around town too a formal dinner among friends or colleagues. Particular brands of boat shoes that are looking so tantalisingly fresh, are the offerings of Jack & Jones Singapore Suede boat shoes, which come in a rich mahogany brown and Lacoste Keelson’s leather boat shoes in a complementing pairing of off white and emerald green.


The American company has seen a bomb in sales as of late and I’m certainly not surprised, especially when you consider they can be incorporated so easily and immaculately, into the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They are so light weight you will feel like your bare foot, yet they are extremely durable and could put in a 24/7 365 day shift if required. One of my favorite Toms (one of many) is the Red Stripe of University Classic, coming in a warm crimson tone I felt it could had flair to a simple combination of slim fit navy jeans and white T-shirt without feeling like my outfit is drowning in the colour red. Toms are designed to be care free and light, so they are at their best when teamed up in a simple Jeans and Tee configuration.


No longer the reserve of Skateboard aficionados, now Vans can be found on the feet of pretty much everybody. With their bold designs and comfortable fit and it certainly doesn’t get more comfortable and stylish then their slip on variety. With Van there is no limit to what zany design is appropriate. From leopard too zig zag, Van slip ons add a quirky twist and plenty of flair to any outfit, so team with a black chino, white tee and jean jacket combo for that street cool certified look.

Penny Loafers

Now were’re talking! Loafers are the undisputed king of the slip on world. These bad boys can instantly elevate any outfit to red carpet finesse. Why not channel the Alex Turner look and pair with black slim fit chino, denim shirt and Leather jacket for that fashion rebel by day, rock star by night look? I’m currently in a bromance (Or is the team shoemance) with Vivienne Westwood Penny Brouges in luxuries leather and velvet combination and Dune Regata’s navy suede loafers which look stunning.

Canvas Espadrilles

Like the vans, espadrilles now come a kaleidoscopic burst of interesting and dazzling prints, from Aztec to supernova the espadrille landscape looks absolutely vast. Most espadrilles today are the statement piece to out shine all other statement pieces, so pair with a natural outfit to let the shoes do all the talking, so you never have to.


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