The clothes my girlfriend wore, that I wish came in men’s sizes…

Since the dawn of time (Okay that’s bit of an exaggeration), well anyway for a very long time, girlfriends everywhere have long admired their boyfriends shirts, T-shirts and jeans and it as been their prerogative to ransack their boyfriends wardrobes for them ever since. Thus giving birth to the concept of the boyfriend jeans and the over-sized boyfriend shirt. But why do they love our clothes so much? Maybe because of sentimental reasons, they want to carry a piece of us everywhere they go… Nah I don’t believe that for one second! The truth is women like to experiment with what they wear and their boyfriends large sized, generally deconstructed and laid back style of clothing, gives their outfits a new dimension and a sense of edge. My mature side says, ‘Well I’m all up for equality’. While my competitive and more fashionable side says ‘well two can play at that game’. Why can’t we also adopt certain girlfriend pieces into our wardrobes? I’m not talking about wonder-bras and high hills, more of the subtle pieces that can be reworked for a more masculine looks.


When done wrong, you run the risk looking like a knock off Star Trek episode. But when done right, metallic can look cutting edge, creative and make you stand out of the crowd. Like you probably seen in many high street stores the metallic trend doesn’t stretch to just silver, so looking like a 70’s disco ball is off the agenda, instead you can get variety of different colors and looks with metallic. But while our girlfriends can opts for the bright editions, darker and more rustic hues would easier to work with for us. So think about black metallic over a all black suit to best harness the look without going over the top.

50s pin up look

Put down the red lipstick and navy skirt, I don’t mean an actual 50s pin up look, I mean taking the same sentiment of 50s dressing and bringing it to the 21st century. For guys in the 50s the biker look and the college varsity look were running the streets. But most all who can forget James Dean in Rebel without a Cause, iconic in his red jackets, white T-shirt and dark blue jeans or Don Drapper in Mad men, with his perfectly tailored suit and fedora combo? Their was a real air of confidence when it came to men and fashion in the 1950’s and that’s definitely a sentiment that we can follow today. So think leather jackets, fedoras, varsity sweaters, Presley hair cuts, suspenders and plenty of confidence.


Style is as much about comfort and as it is about aesthetic and damn are uggs comfortable! The soft padding and wool lining, making the shoes absolutely perfect the colder seasons. Now coming in slip on versions and bulkier boot options, men can where them for fashion as well as for practical reasons. With the subtle new looks for uggs, the style game has become all that more easy, for example you could pair them with a denim joggers, a T-shirt and heavy wool cardigan.


Don’t worry you won’t be making an appearance in the next Avengers movie, but with a cape around your shoulders you certainly will be on the next best dressed list. A man in cape strikes the air of sophistication and confidence, just look at the most famous cape wearer ever – Sherlock Holmes. I know, I know the man is a fictional character, but you certainly can’t deny style when you seee it! Work it expertly with in your wardrobe as a final touch to a smart casual ensemble; just think black jeans, dark navy shirt and leather jacket with the final satirical cherry on top of a black cape. If that won’t impress your date, then I don’t know what will.

Statement Trousers

Bold. Eye catching. If you were in a Linx adverts, this is at the point when all the women on the desert island come flocking towards you. Sometimes it feels as men we draw the short straw when it came to colours, while woman can be seen in bright oranges, pinks and green, men have long been banished to the cauldron of monochrome and dull browns. But now its our time to stand our ground and say yes to colour, interesting patterns and bold designs and nowhere better to start than the trouser department. Statement trouser are absolutely ideal for jazzing up boring suits, with a burst of vibrancy and adding more play and less work into our formal attire. If you don’t quite feel comfortable with bold floral patterns, fear not because a simple navy check design can be all you need to take that giant fashion leap forward and make a real statement.


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