Autumn/Winter must haves for guys!

Sure temperatures are dropping and leafs are falling, but that certainly doesn’t mean your fashion game has to also. Autumn/Winter unlike their places in the calendar suggests, are actually a sensational opportunity for fresh beginnings. Because forget the casual summer attire, Autumn/Winter are the times of the year where we get down to the style neety gretty and we weed out the trend setters from the trend followers. So if you consider yourself a debonair James Bond type rather than a satirically haphazard Johnny English, then the next five Autumn trends are a must have for saving the world, one great outfit at a time.

Chelsea Boots

Using the word immortalised by Keith Lemon, Chelsea boots are ‘Bang tidy’. Booth easy on the eye and heavy duty enough to withstand the unpredictability of the colder months. Chelsea boots are those clothing rarities where style and practicality are married perfectly and with brands such Timberland and Aldo Gragleah, there is certainly no sign of divorce on the horizon. In a cognac brown or black, the styling potential is practically limitless and with their heavy duty design, it affords a lot of room to layer up top. But Chelsea boots do look at their absolute finest when added to a straight leg navy jeans, shirt and parka coat combination. Using the immortal words of Charlie Sheen, winning!

Shearling Jackets

Following on the coat tales of the 70s revival, brands such as Staurt Vevers and Coach are flooding their runways with this luxe look. With so many great new style offerings, the trend has quickly diverted its course from Del Boy faux pas to 1930’s Aviator suave reminiscent of Steve McQueen, a shearling coat makes a handsome pairing with a oxford shirt/sweater pairing and black cotton trousers. However if you want to make your look less classic and more edgy opts for jeans and a statement patterned shirt. Considering a statement coat is wardrobe staple all great outfit are based on, you can’t afford to get the choice of outwear wrong. But with the shearling jacket around your shoulders just like a aviator pilot, you’ll be flying so fashionably high.

Roll Neck

Nothing epitomises sophistication and cool better than a roll neck. It could be paired with a blazer and chino or a simple trouser and trainer combination and still make the outfit equally at home with the style elite. But considering its 2015 your generic black roll neck doesn’t quiet seem a top of the fashion agenda, so instead opting for a more risque colour blocks seem more appropriate. I’m thinking bright red and navy, which can still be sophisticated but also adds eye catching twist to an outfit. Despite the pop of colour, the same rules still apply and so roll up can still be dressed up with a blazer or made more causal with trousers and sneaks.

Earth Tones

With Mother Nature changing the environment, its no surprise her influences would be felt in fashion and Autumn in particular is all about the earth tones. With such a wide selection of shades from opulent emerald green to deeper greens like artichoke, earth tones offer a option for any skin tone. You can channel the trend through parkas witch will also coincide with the military trend going on (2 trends for the price of one, result!) or you can experiment with your choice of chinos and trousers to give your look a new focal point. If your looking for the pioneers of the trend for inspiration, look no further than Christophe Lemaire for perfectly sculpted pieces and Micheal Kors for smart-casual separates.


Scarves were the thing as a child you had to be forced to wear by your mother, but now as a style savvy adult you never have to be asked to put it on again. Scarves have come a long way from being a piece of clothing you put the least thought into, too now being part of a the illustrious conveyor belt of chic designs, bold shapes and imaginative patterns. Scarves have finally catapulted themselves into the statement piece elite – move aside Louis Vuitton bag. From silk and tartan check scarves to snoods and giant scarves, the style and look of scarves has greatly diversified and offer more satirical potential.


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