Stone cold sober and still center of the dance floor

As we all know, alcohol has the potential to melt away inhibitions, douses us with liquid confidence, loosens you up and fills you with funny antidotes to tell your friends about the next day; to most of us alcohol can mean being the life of the party and having the time of your life. However like Jekyll and Hyde, on the flipside alcohol can lead to embarrassing photos on Facebook, it can make us say and do things you wouldn’t normally do when we’re sober, it makes us vomit and of course there is the dreaded hangover the next morning (And for the rest of the day for that matter).

Sure there is so much potential for fun, but with the ever present possibility of things going horribly wrong, why risk it? Snack bits, vodka, Jager bombs and beer, with so much to offer how could you say no? But also drinking is massive corner stone of British culture and when you’re in university, if alcohol is part of Brit culture, then considered most uni students very cultured! Personally I would consider myself a normal uni student; I like to have fun, I’m scared of eventually being a real adult and I still start my essays a day before the deadline (despite pledging at the start of each new year not too). But what sets me apart is that I don’t drink alcohol and I consider my clean edge. “What! Wait, you don’t drink alcohol?! Why? Are you religious? I think you haven’t had the right drink yet. Just take one sip of my drink, you’ll love it” – welcome to my world.

Club after club, gathering after gathering and house party after house party, anytime I reveal the fact that I don’t drink, from people reactions you would have thought I just admitted; that I was Kendall Jenner in drag, I believe that lizard people run the government or something else completely insane. Even when I get to the club and ask the bar bartender for a water instead of vodka and red bull, they always think I’m asking for water because I’m high on MDMA rather than just because I don’t drink alcohol. I GET IT students love to drink! But I don’t not because I’m boring, prudish or religious, instead it is because I hate the taste, I feel confident without it and I can cut killer shapes regardless. Dancing (my whip and nae nae game is on point!), meeting new people, being spontaneous are all things I love doing and on the contrary I always feel alcohol prevents me from doing so.

I’m not condemning alcohol by any stretch of the imagination, it has the ability to be a great social clutch, it can help smooth over situations you feel uncomfortable in and make it easier for us to come out of our shell when we’re meeting new people. But I find not drinking comes with so many benefits; I save so much money it’s ridiculous. I can wake up early the morning after without yarning for death.  If I can overcome feeling awkward and shy sober then I have learned a valuable life skill. While finally an alcohol free zone fills me with freedom because I know whatever happens I will be in full control and if anything goes wrong I would be in the right frame of mind to deal with it. For some alcohol can be a great way to have fun, while for others it’s their opposite idea of fun, so ultimately the decision to drink or not to drink is completely personal and no one should be pressured to drink or not to and no one should be ridiculed for that personal choice they make. Oh yeah and don’t forget university should be all about studying, just kidding. Who’s going out tonight?


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