Channel 4 Crashing Review


Gross, “I think my tampon just popped out”. Outrages, “I think you would like being painted, I will be generous with your penis”. Filthy, “Do you know how hard it is to sleep next you and not touch your body?”.

On one level you were probably feeling Inbetweeners withdraw symptoms and greatly missing its unique brand of obnoxiousness, awkwardness and disgustingness. But be rest assured because latest Channel4 show Crashing has certainly emerged to satisfy your comedy appetite and fulfil your daily quota of knob gags, raunchy one liners and drunken antics.

However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this refreshingly new show, Crashing is so much more and smarter than your usual 20something’s living in a flat type of sitcom (they’re living in a disused hospital for starters). The show constantly shifts in comic tone, from the absurd to the dark. It has wonderfully diverse and eccentric characters, from the sex pests to the stiff over achievers. Yet most importantly the setting provides for some great and hilarious set pieces –  well that’s if you consider a lighting fixture falling into a person’s bath and almost electrocuting them to death as hilarious (and thanks to Crashing evidently I do).

Wouldn’t it be great to live in London, but not pay London prices? Wouldn’t it be great to live with all your closest friends and still have personal space? Wouldn’t it be great to live in an abandoned hospital? I’m sure when they first saw the advert, Kate, Melody, Lulu, Anthony and Sam thought living in such cool digs in exchange for being a mere “property guardians” would be a small price to pay for an experience of a life time. However quickly settling in and realising “You’re not allowed to have parties, cook meals, to have sex, light candles or smoke – it’s a riot,” states Melody in a deadpan, nihilistic and slightly flirtatious sort of way and thus making it pretty obvious none of the gang read the small print before moving in (No one ever does).

But rules are meant to be broken and the small print certainly doesn’t prevent; Melody chasing older divorcees and attempting to paint their penises and refrain from touching their bodies. Anthony finding himself in a painfully awkward love triangle between Lulu and Kate. While Sam tries to coax the gay out of a straight laced and shy city type called Fred, even though Sam himself isn’t gay in the first place.

Frank and filthy, following on the coattails of successes with Inbetweeners and Fresh Meat, Channel4 shows they can do Generation Y comedy better than anyone else… Crashing is edgy, hilarious and a welcome inclusion to my binge watching word.



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