My Dream Girl



Scraps, shreds and fragments… my dreams have always been the reserve of mystery and dead ends at every turn, an illusion with unspecified meaning. But ever since you started to appear in them; with your beauty so palpable that it shines like fog lights through the mist of my mind, it brings calm to the ragging storms of uncertainty of my thoughts, it ushers in clarity to the windows of my soul and finally I can see clearly.

In the first dream I saw you across the pier; as soon as my eyes were graced with your presences a flame ignited in my heart that only grew stronger with every step I took nearer to you. You were framed so majestically against a setting sun; so angelic I was afraid that at any moment you would sprout angel wings and fly away. But when I reached you and asked your name, you said “I’m your dream girl”.  With the scent of disappointment in my nose I suddenly awoke to realize that you were just the girl of my dream who couldn’t possibly exist.

The next night I found myself walking dizzily down a cobbled path, with only the scuttle of my feet for company. Then suddenly the most delightful tone of a voice flooded into my ears and made me feel like every fiber of my being was being serenaded individually by the finest church choirs. I followed my ears euphoric on such a beautiful sound to a jazz club… Yet despite a smoke filled room, my eye line was instantly captured by your caramel skin infused divinity and your long sweeping raven black hair. There you stood on the stage, you weren’t singing; you didn’t have to because just hearing you speak was like listening to a million symphonies. However, when I reached you and asked you what your name was, you said “I’m your dream girl”.  I awoke the next day with my heart heavy with frustration, because you were just the girl of my dreams who just wasn’t real.

The third night I found myself in a hall surrounded by couples locked in loving waltzes while I could only look on with eyes tinted with longing. Then I saw you across the room mesmerizing and perfect like a cobweb glistening in the splendid light of the moon. I stepped closer to you, held your waist and swept you off your feet. I looked into your face and watched you laugh that perfectly adorable laugh of yours, making me want that moment to last forever. We twirled around and around until our troubles seemed to disappear and the other couples could only stand in jealousy as we danced our special, beautiful dance.

But this time I didn’t bother asking your name, because the truth is a dream girl can only ever be just a dream and a dream is fleeting and fragile and can easily be lost in the wind. Girl! You’re better than a dream – you’re REAL and it’s because you are real that I keep falling in love with this world, I keep saluting the stars, I keep bowing to life for producing someone like you; a girl who is better than a dream.



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