Foxes @ Old Firestation – Review


WARNING! For your own sanity, I suggest you brace yourself for what I’m about to say because it may bring a lot of wide-eyed astonishment to your system. In my 20 years of existence on this beautiful green earth, I have never, ever gone to a concert or a gig (shock horror!). I know, I know… I’m crazy. I haven’t truly lived life, I’m dull… But trust me, I have thought the exact same things every time my friends animatedly talk about their seemingly incredible live music experiences, while I embarrassingly and reluctantly have nothing to contribute to the discussion. But I’m sure you would be glad to know I have finally lost my live music virginity and it was to the fabulously talented, simply amazing and Grammy-Award Winning Foxes when she came to our local and beloved Old Fire Station on the 29th of February (finally, the world can start turning again)!

The warm up acts were enjoyable and they could certainly sing (and rap)! But as I looked around me, all I could see were antsy expressions, shuffling feet and plenty of time checking – a cloud of anticipation was palpable in the air. Everyone in that venue (probably even the warm up acts themselves!) had come to see one person only and we were all collectively starving for her pocket rocket presence. After the second act there was a lengthy interlude; the place descended into a chorus of chatter and murmuring. Then suddenly the stage was engulfed by darkness. Everyone in the room abruptly went silent as if they were kids awake way past their bedtimes and mum had just walked into the room. The gates of heaven (also known as the side stage doors) opened and in glided a bronzed angel in a black trouser, black crop top and swanky fringed white jacket combo. The room instantly erupted in woops, screams and cheers as if England had just scored the winning goal in the world cup final. Instantly, all the lovely room I had enjoyed all evening to grove inside, was reduced to absolute zero as people from the back lunged and bunched forward to get a better view of Foxes. Honestly, I couldn’t blame them, she looked absolutely incredible and as soon as she opened her mouth, she sounded it too.

Don’t you hate when clubs play the same type of songs one after the other, well if you ever lucky to see Foxes live you will never have to worry about this problem. From smooth groves to powerful ballads, thinkers to get up and dancers, Foxes completely has you covered. With her music you could go through a life time of emotions in the space of a few catchy songs. From a mere two albums the Southampton native has been able to generate more than a handful of enjoyable pop hits, but it was the songs from her first album ‘Glorious’ that really got me foot tapping.  My personal highlights were the synthpop masterpiece ‘Youth’ – a celebration of being youthful, frivolous and silly. While ‘Let Go for Tonight’ made it impossible not to surrender to its infectious hook. Other memorable smash hits were the show opener ‘Body Talk’ from her second album and ‘Clarity’ which is her Grammy Award Winner.

I’m not going to lie; the girl has got moves! Not quite on my level, but who is? Also bags of infectious stage charisma also come part of the complete package that is Foxes. I’m now well and truly a live music convert and if they are all as good as hers, then I’m looking forward to going to many more. Zara Larsson, here I come!

I’ll give Foxes a solid 5/5.


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