Hate shall not prevail


I sit with my eyes wrapped on the TV screen. Shaking and tearful as I chant “I wish it was all a dream”. It’s in this very moment; humanities darkest hours, when dawn seems most distant and happiness an illusion, that hate decides to creep out of the bleakest of shadows…

Like a disease it affects every fibre of my being, slowly rotting me from the inside. I claw at my heart in pure agony, begging hate to release its vice like talons. When that fails I try desperately to rationalise and ignore it, but still hate remains defiant. Soon it even becomes spiteful at my feeble attempts to exorcises it; in retaliation it now grows into a big black smog choking my airways.

Every waking thought and lingering dream is cursed with its sinister voice, manipulating me into thinking and feelings things I shamefully regret. When I look in the mirror I don’t see the same face I was once accustomed to; instead it’s hates grotesque and leering face that meets me frighteningly in the eyes. I don’t want to feel like this anymore, this poison leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and aching in my soul.

Suddenly a single ray of light pulls me from an ocean of blackness, gives me the kiss of life and reminds me that the human spirit will always endure. I see on the TV screen; those yellow, black and red candles a light with the warmth, glow and hope of a people refusing to be beaten by fear.

I’m inspired by their ability to unite when hate wants them to crumble. They aren’t looking over their shoulders and cowering behind locked doors, rather they stand proudly with fingers interlaced with those of strangers and lips singing words of love not hate.


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