Sex & symphonies

Sex should be treated as the greatest of symphonies; constantly shifting in tempo, dynamics and intensity. In one instant it should be slow and rhythmic, allowing your breaths and limbs to synchronise. While in the next it should build like a crescendo; causing your bodies to slicken with sweat and your voices to hit the highest of notes.

Sex shouldn’t be approached as a task in need of completion. Instead, it should be approached as an exciting journey to discover each other’s bodies. A pulse raising exploration of one and another’s deepest desires and fantasies. And finally, a fulfilling intertwining of spirit and mind, as well as body.

A kiss, a thrust or a caress; when done right, is there anything more divine?

Sexuality should be a Jackson Pollack painting; emblazoned with colour and free from definition or restriction. Why limit oneself when flexibility is by far a funner option?


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