On the Edge


WARNING! The material covered in this piece is of a mature nature. 18+

Bartending in Florence, baking in Copenhagen and window cleaning in Brussels; my gap year spent picking up odd jobs across Europe, might have sounded exciting and interesting on paper… In actuality the language barriers were isolating, the hours more than argues and the pay – humiliating. For a long time, although I didn’t want to admit it, my supposedly once in a life time, globetrotting journey across Europe was quickly becoming a dud! Well, that was until I applied for a job as an Au pair to a perfectly charming Spanish family in the heart of Andalucía, the picturesque city of Seville.

With the mother Paula being a men’s wear designer and the farther Pepe being an architect, both were great admirers of the arts in all their various forms. In the interview, after showing them the paintings I had used to get myself into university, they practically fell in love with them and hired me on the spot. The couple were generally extremely busy and thus thought I would be the perfect person to teach their children how to draw and sketch while they were at work. The two youngest were 10-year-old Jordi and 12-year-old Andrea, whilst their oldest was Lucia at 23.

Like her parents, Lucia was very much a creative and despite being so young, she already had her photography featured in the magazines Teen Vogue and Vanity Fair as well as being used in a Balmain fashion campaign. However, whilst I got on perfectly well with the majority of the Ramos family; the parents were fascinated by my portraits and the children were in awe of my international adventures, Lucia on the other hand, either barley glanced at me or was forever locked in her room.

With Paula and Pepe both away and the kids in school, my 11th day here practically crawled at a pedestrian pace. I’ve tried to channel as much of this abundant free time into paint strokes as I could, but the suffocating white of my canvas increasingly threatens to swallow me up. Guiltily, I finally break away from my self-imposed torture and decide to take a stroll in the families impossibly large and lusciously green garden.

Abruptly as if the floor was made of quick drying cement, I halt to the spot and look through the window; inches from the shimmering pool’s edge at the far end of the garden, Lucia contorts and wraps her perfectly lean body into breath taking shapes and angles. Each new Yoga position perfectly accentuates a different tantalising part of her body; grapefruit sized perked breasts, pillow plump buttocks with the slightest of jiggles and her golden satin skin that radiates in the midday sun. Without caring whom could be watching, Lucia slowly peels off her figure gracing Lycra and dives into the pool with reckless abandon and in complete nakedness.

Despite an erection swelling in my shorts, I pull myself away from the window and depart down the corridor towards my bedroom –  but Lucia’s sultry and voluptuous body refuses to leave my mind. In the periphery of my vision, I catch a glimpse of Lucia’s bedroom door left ajar by a slither. I battle hard with my conscious, but curiosity proves too strong and before I can stop myself, the palm of my hand is already pushing up against her door. After a last second glance up and down the corridor – clear, I step into Lucia’s abode.

Her room is a photographic haven, three walls are graced with framed fashion magazine covers Lucia has taken in the past, but what really catches my attention is the wall above Lucia’s bed; curated into a large heart is a collage of polaroid pictures. Stepping closer, although slightly turned on, I’m alarmed to see that the pictures are of naked men with tussled hair and looks of frustration on their faces. Regardless of this all the men are still sexy and attractive, each of them probably model conquests accumulated through Lucia’s profession.

Increasingly feeling very aware of my intruding on Lucia’s personal space, I turn around and hurry towards the door hoping she is still in the pool. My heart thrusts hard against my chest because suddenly a wet and dripping Lucia appears at the door. Her hair sticks to the sides of her face, the curves of her taunt body are pronounced by her damp and tight clinging Lycra and her hard nipples are more than visible. I’m speechless for two reasons; the first because I’ve been caught in the act of snooping and secondly, as much as I try I can’t stop my eyes from roaming every inch of Lucia’s body. Snapping to my senses I try to offer my most sincere apologies, but it comes out as a snivelling mess.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come in here. I promise I won’t do it again”.

Lucia just stares at me and doesn’t say anything. I’m feeling uncomfortable and slightly scared of being fired, yet I can’t shake the fact that I’m slightly turned on by her smouldering eyes… My penis swells up again and pushes violently against the seams of my shorts. Embarrassed because the thin fabric is surely giving it away, I attempt to cover my hard dick and side step past Lucia to leave the room. She purposely blocks my way.

I’m standing so close to Lucia now that I can feel her breath on my neck. She smells like orange blossom with a hint of chlorine. Without warning or hesitation, Lucia raises and rests her hand on my penis. With her free hand, she lifts my hand and guides it across her slickened body. Lucia guides my hand across her stomach and up towards her breast, I cup them, they are soft and easily fill the palm of my hand. After she brings my hand towards her buttock, it feels bigger than it looks. As I squeeze her bum, my erection now refuses to be contained in my underwear and my libido ramps up. With my own hand I place it between her thighs, her crotch is wetter than the rest of her body. I lean forward to kiss Lucia, but she halts me with a finger pressed to my lips. The sexy temptress steps away from me and walks towards her side draw, Lucia pulls out a bottle of massaging oil and a polaroid camera. She thrusts the bottle in my hand and leads me towards the garden. In all this time, Lucia still hasn’t uttered a single word.

Flat on my front and my shirt pushed up, I can’t help but feel nervous as to who could be watching, but as soon as Lucia straddles my back I instantly couldn’t care less. She moves her hands across my back, slow but in firm circles, her palms are slickened with oil. I see her reflection in the water’s shimmering surface, she is undeniably sexy, a golden bombshell. Lucia pulls my shoulders back to signal for me to turn over and she continues the alluring process on my front. She stops massaging me, removes her top and begins gliding her tender breasts up and down my body. Her skin sizzles to the touch. My throbbing erection now begs for her attention, yet teasingly she gives it to every other inch of my body expect my dick; she nibbles my lower lips, sucks my ear lobes, bites my neck, and she kisses my thighs. My entire body quivers in pleasure as well as burning anticipation.

When my penis can’t take it anymore, I reach inside of Lucia’s white satin underwear and strum her clit. Her eyes roll back slightly in ecstasy and she utters a whispered moan, I massage my penis ready to enter her. In this crucial moment when I’m hungry to fuck her most, she gets up, picks up the polaroid camera and takes a picture of me. Unbelievably and frustratingly, she turns and then walks away like nothing happened just when I was on the edge of cumming.  My hair tussled and in deep sexual frustration, I realise I’m just another picture to add to her collection.



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