Saturday Night Watching TV


Your tight black jeans cling closely to your buttocks and thighs, your light cotton shirt can barely contain your bursting bust and your pretty hazel eyes remind me of the best part of Autumn.

We’re are sat so closely, yet so agonizingly apart…

I know we are just friends, but I can’t help but feel and want more… I know we’re only here to watch TV, but Eurovision is the last thing on my mind. I can only glance deceivingly at the screen, whilst my thoughts are consumed with nothing but you. When I know you aren’t looking, the periphery of my vision can’t help but caress and explore every inch of your satin smooth skin and perfect curves. Every fibre of my being is aware of your presence, attuned to your every subtle movement, alerted to the gentle rhythm of your breathing.

You make me feel like a wild animal, trapped in a cage and desperate to break free so I can satisfy my hunger with your tantalising beauty. I can’t help but yarn for any excuse to touch you and allow sparks of electricity to leap from your flesh and course through my body. I can’t help but inhale your Chanel no 5 and instantly fall drunk with its sweet aroma. I can’t help but wish I could run my fingers through the waves of silk cascading down to your shoulders.

Every time you turn to me and speak, my eyes can’t help but be drawn to your lips, tempted by their pillowy softness and the promise of spine tingling pleasure if I were to kiss them.  Then when I’m replying, I’m only thinking about placing my hand behind your neck and quenching my craving with a sweet taste of you, feeling the warmth of your body against mine and making love to you until the room is filled with daylight.

I want to be with you so bad, my body surges with a tidal wave of frustration and lust… What would you do, if I called your name and looked into your eyes long enough for you to feel my desire? What would you do, if I lent forward and guided your face with the tip of my finger until it was inches from mine? What would you do, if I placed my hand on your thigh and allowed it to wonder? What would you do if we were more than just friends?


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