100 words: A Guide to Good Sex


  1. It should never be planned; sex should explode with spontaneity.
  2. Orgasms should never be an aim; all focus should be placed on enjoying the intimacy of the moment and the presence of your partner.
  3. Leave all insecurities at the door. Be your most confident self.
  4. Don’t mimic porn, respond instead to the rhythm and wants of your lover.
  5. Don’t skip the foreplay. All symphonies need a crescendo before the highest note.
  6. Ignore routine and embrace the full spectrum of sex
  7. Explore yourself before you can explore a partner.
  8. Fast and slow, shallow and deep, alternate your thrusts to keep her on edge.
  9. Erogenous zones aren’t just between the legs…
  10. Sharing is caring, invite another.

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