Spoken Word: Label Us No More


Recording of Label Us No More

Man. Woman. Black. White. Gay. Straight. Asexual. Bi. I don’t know about you… but I’m sick of all the binaries. Society tries to chain us to its rigid definitions. Suffocate us with its ideas on how we should be. Drown us in its old world ideologies. So intent on pigeonholing us, it doesn’t understand that the box it makes us tick, isn’t all we are. We’re more than the pictures on toilet doors before we go in or the complexion of our skin. Each of our minds and souls are rich in beautiful complexities. And trying to describe any one person with words on a page will take an eternity. There is more to each of our humanity.

But why can’t they see? That what I look like isn’t entirely me. If they were to break free from their narrow definitions, they would know that I’m a limitless well of love. A horizon of big dreams and could happily spend forever with books to read. Society only perceives us caricatures not realising that there only 2D… If only they could take away the black and white drawings and leave a blank canvas, I could paint them a rich tapestry of the real me, with colours and stories they wouldn’t believe. 2016 its final the time we demand to be free. The future isn’t men in suits and women in high heels, its dressing how you feel and being who you want to be.

I want to live in a world where lesbians aren’t just a fantasy, but seen as another beautiful expression what love can be. Where a lack of masculinity isn’t seen as as signal of homosexuality and the definition of a man is wider than football and misogyny.

The only time you should have to come out is the day you’re born and your sexual preference should never be met with scorn. And you never have to be torn between living a lie and doing what’s right for you inside. Our real selves should never be something to hide; self-acceptance is a triumph of the mind.  In our new just world, our difference will be displayed with pride.

Is it so bad to ask for the definition of identity to be interchangeable with that of fluidity? For sexuality to be on a spectrum and not a case of one or the other. That slut or frigid are descriptions women can forget like a distant memory. Bigots and haters are our only true enemy. Because I don’t know about you…but I’m tired of the binaries.


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