Spoken Word: I Want You Tonight


I spot you from across the street, I’m already excited for where this night could lead. I love how your blond hair flows down your neck and pools around your bare shoulders, while your eyes glisten blue as they reflect neon lights. Your forest green dress presses tightly against your body, giving me hints of what could be mine. But, I have to play my cards right first and seduce you until you crave my body for dessert. It’s only our second date. Forgive me if I have a one track mind, but my desire for you is more than any words can define. As I lead you inside, I place my hand on the small of your back and then bring it down to squeeze your behind, which makes you squeal with delight.

Inside the restaurant, your suggestive glances and the accidental brushes of my arm never go unnoticed. I’m alert to your every touch. The scent of your perfume is way too much, it’s making me want to pounce across the table in lust.

Our lips caress every sentences leaving it dripping with sexual innuendo. As soon as you hear I’m bilingual, already you’re fantasying about how nimble my tongue can be.

My hand is dangerously close to running up your thigh and teasing the clit you no longer want to hide. I allow my flirtatious smile to tempt you with what’s in my mind.

Even in the dim lights I see your eyes intensify with libido, while the seams of my trousers grow tight with how much I want you tonight. Trust me, there will be no drug that gets us higher than the ecstasy of finally satisfying each other’s heart pounding desire.

Lips to lips. Skin to skin. you’re looking angelic but all I’m thinking about is sin. Enough of the suggestive foreplay, let the physical begin…

You love my chocolate and I can’t get enough of your vanilla. Interracial love making, is there anything sweeter? Either way we’re giving each other a sweet tooth. Let’s blend our flavours together and savour the outcome.

I want to bring your breast to my chest, allow you to feel my breath on your neck as I lift up your dress. I want the throbbing inside your lace underwear to yearn for what’s next.

Let’s use our bodies as instruments in love making. Make me shudder to the touch and let me serenade the room with your high pitched moans. No restrictions, allow our hands to roam. I promise not one inch of your curves or erogenous zones will go unexplored. Let’s bring our sexual crescendo to a ferocious roar.

Your thick, tempting lips are wetting my appetite… I can’t resist parting your legs and kisses the lips in-between your thighs until you’re wet and your skin slickens with sweat. I want to play out your fantasies, leave your body with no regrets and the memory of our sweet sex. In one moment our fucking would be too X-rated for TV and the next it would be too tender for porn. Marathon sex, let’s keep it going until the morning dawn. No music, just the sound of your moan all night long.


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  1. WovenEclipse says:

    Great story! Very emotive and relatable 🙂


    1. Thank you very much. BTW I love your ‘About me’ page – hilarious!

      Liked by 1 person

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