Spoken Word: Our Digital Saviour


Recording of Digital Saviour

“Technology has ruined us,” is what they say.

They will tell us the black mirrors in our pockets are sucking away our souls; like Satan’s Sheppard our iPhones draw us from reality and into a lawless jungle at the mercy of wolves. They say the internet is assembling an army of illiterate soldiers, with fingers nimble on a PlayStation controller but clumsy with paper and pen. An Instagram generation so superficial and skin deep, not even Kevlar or steel can protect our shallow self-esteem. They say girls as young as eight are quicker to hate their reflection then plot their dreams. That our boys are in the clutches of online pornography and have seen gang bangs even before they know what love means.

It’s the dawn of the apocalypse is how the story is always told, that our young hearts can no longer call the real world home and our digital selves are the only identities we hold. That switch off the power and the candle in our souls goes cold. ‘What is the WI-FI?’ is what we utter before we say hello.

To them we’re lost generation drowning in a sea of 1s and 0s. YouTube stars are our heroes. The history of our country – we know zero.  Flickering screen lights in the dead of night, is when we come alive. But during social situations we crawl up like a ball inside. They say that the internet will be our demise. That in the morning we can’t open our eyes without reaching to our sides and grabbing that Apple. Except this one malnourishes our minds instead of nourishing our bodies.

But they are wrong. We’re are not lost, we are found. The digital world has been our saviour not our condemner. Online we are strong and can’t be contained like a nuclear bomb in a tin can, and they can’t stand it. No longer are we chained to their media; we are liberated in the embrace of our own. It’s our time to sit on that throne. And as much as a they moan and groan, we will not and cannot be overthrown.

Because the internet is where we belong and with it we reach for future we knew we could have all along. It’s among the pixels that we construct our new dawn; We don’t believe in gay or straight, gender or care where you were born. We believe in liberating ourselves from labels, definitions and love restrictions.

Masculinity and femininity are words we will never use again to describe ourselves. Our generations desire for freedom and diversity cannot be paralleled.

Yes. We are the internet generation and because of it, the only thing that can match the size of our hearts is the scope of our minds and the openness of our eyes. Yes. They are often glued to a screen, but only because we use it to reach out to the world outside instead of hiding behind the walls of hate. That…that is what makes our generation so great. The internet made us who we are and I love who we are.


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  1. This is an interesting diatribe. Do you believe the internet is God?


    1. Not necessarily God…but certainly a great force for good!


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