Sex Sells?


With American Apparel filing for bankruptcy last year and the current dwindling sales of Victoria Secrets, it seems that the era of super raunch and hypersexualised marketing could soon be coming to an end; perhaps sex doesn’t sell after all.

Over the years both companies have become famous (or in Apparel’s case, infamous*) for their racy clothing and explicit advertising. For a while the marketing worked, booming sales showed that the public were mischievously drawn in by the naughty antics.

But with recent reports that Victoria Secrets has seen a 4% decline in sales and American Apparel only yesterday being sold for the poultry sum of $88 million, either society has become more conservative or it’s merely grown tired of the scandalous marketing tactics.

Size 0’s with no curves in sight – perhaps the body type of models used is another reason each company is in steady decline. The truth is neither business has fully embraced body inclusivity quickly enough to keep up with shifts in attitudes, whilst on the other hand brands like Simply B and Evans are exploding because they’ve always prided themselves on it.

Considering Playboy successfully reinvented itself from the home of the busty babe to a high brow gentleman’s magazine, maybe it isn’t too late for this pair of (former*) American Institutions to evolve and become relevant again.


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