Romance reinvented


“Love is in the air everywhere I look around
Love is in the air every sight and every sound” – John Paul Young.

With cupids arrows already soaring through the air and red roses beginning to flood every florist in town, Valentines Day must be blossoming on the horizon.

For those of you intending to wow someone special during this year’s festival of love, It’s time to start thinking grand gestures, romance and Hollywood; because let’s be honest, dinner at a restaurant is no longer cutting it.

Remember the charm and novelty of 50’s drive through cinemas? Well, why not give outdoor cinemas a modern and more intimate twist?

Transforming your garden into a cosy outdoor theater is both unique and hugely romantic, and better yet, it’s rather easy to accomplish…

Simply move your sofa outside and circle it with lit candles, drape some tree branches with left over fairy lights and with a white sheet and projector – hey presto, bring the magic of cinema to your garden! For a extra dose of intimacy you can even lay out a romantic dinner for two.

Then when the night is almost over, turn everything off and just lean back on the sofa to admire the beauty of the starry sky. They say romance is dead? Well, consider it brought back to life!


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