Black British


From Black-ish to Empire and Atlanta to Luke Cage, the Golden Age of TV has shined brighter on African-American faces than ever before. Whilst, the abundance of Black talent in Britain remains stuck in the dark.

The talent on our shores still remains largely absent or at best marginalised to background bit parts or minor characters. In truth, the international face of British TV still remains on large, the White faces of Period Drama.

A White washed view of British identity is still the norm in countries across the world, which of course is a distorted image of the true face of Britain which is a lot more vibrant and eclectic than this narrow view.

It’s understandable that studios are trying to satisfy the huge global demand for Period pieces, however, if these are the only shows we focus on and nurture, then we leave no room for diversity in our TV industry to grow.

Ideally there would be an equal amount of focus placed by broadcasters and studios on producing content that is open to Black (as well as other minority) talent, yet at the same time isn’t a role that racialises them.

If not, we could soon reach the point in which young British talent no longer look to our TV screens with burning ambition, and instead their eyes wonder over to the other side of the Atlantic, where they know opportunities reside and more people of colour are represented in positions of power.


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