The Lake


It was a gorgeous summers day, when the abandonment of youth drew us to the blue glistening lake laid out stunningly before us. We didn’t have swimming costumes and yet we didn’t care, the temptation of the water made it impossible to resist. Stripping down to our underwear, we waded into the lake with glee. Once in we splashed each other, tested who could hold their breath the longest and then teamed up to wrestle. So wrapped up in our fun and games no attention was being spared to the sky, as it was suddenly suffocated by black clouds and the menace of imminent downpour. Though some retreated to the sanctuary of the cabin, for us who remained, we brave souls got to experience the splendour of being in a lake whilst caught in the rain. It was only when thunder could be heard that we finally decided to scarper, but we each made sure to keep the memories of our glorious day forever with us like an eternal souvenir.


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