Can’t Be Tamed

As the roar of the engine sends vibrations coursing through my thighs, I have to admit, I am aroused. Not because of the juddering metal pulsating against my clitoris (although that does certainly help), but it’s the sheer power of being able to straddle this mechanical beast, that is the true cause of an ecstasy bomb detonating inside of my body right now. Dainty… ethereal…cute, my entire life I’ve been underestimated by men, marginalised because of my age and my gender – well no more. As the scorching tarmac unfurls before me – long, wide and unyielding, my black stallion is all I’ll ever need in life and if needs be, I’ll motor down any male who stands in my way. As I thunder down the road I’m not just leaving behind my worthless hometown; I’m also leaving behind girlhood.


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