Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?


Tits, arse and a pretty smile. Despite the monumental accomplishments by some of the worlds brightest and best women, society still finds it embarrassingly difficult to look past the immediate appearance of a woman and value or even acknowledge her acumen and talent above all else, in the same way they can so easily do so with a man. Unfortunately, everywhere we turn women are accidentally stepping into the snare trap of the male gaze and being hoisted into the air by their ankles, flailing, unable to break free from the patriarchal restraints imprisoning them to one dimensional views of femininity.

A rigid ideal of female beauty has been placed on a lofty pedestal for so long, that it has led women to strive for increasingly extremer means of attaining it. For instance, across the internet women are now bizarrely being encouraged to use semen as a form of moisturiser, which quite frankly sounds ridiculous and most likely manufactured by a man, trying to justify ejaculating on woman’s face rather than the actual recommendations of a certified dermatologists. Even celebrities aren’t exempt from this struggle for perfection, high profile stars such as Naomi Campbell and Kim Kardashian have even opted for the DIY option of using sellotape as a means of altering or eliminating their “problem areas”.  Sure, some could try and defend this torturous beauty trend as a safer and cheaper alternative to cosmetic surgery, which always comes with certain amount of risks attached. But the very notion that even these women world renowned for their attractiveness, are pressured to artificially manipulate their bodies in some vein pursuit of perfection, still sends out a ripple effect of negativity for teenage girls across the globe.

Celebrities can and should do more when it comes to setting example for young girls and boys, after all they’re the vanguard of influence. It’s important for the likes of Kim and Naomi to actively utilise every opportunity to retake ownership and regain the truth that the female body is an amazing piece of biological machinery capable of running, hugging and fighting or anything else her heart may desire, rather than be a mere sexual object or canvas for male minds to project their fantasies onto. While for everyday women, it’s important to better understand the intricate complexities of their bodies and become better acquainted with their erogenous zones and knowing how to stimulate them, because why should male desire be satisfied while a woman’s remains mysterious and left wanting. Shockingly, even in this day and age a large majority of women still don’t even know the shape of their clitoris or even where to find their G-spot. Even more importantly, Women should castaway the shame of the menstruation and embrace it as a wonderful part of the female experience, especially considering that women’s ovulation and periods are the very reason humans can exist in the first place!

However, equality shouldn’t be a war fought solely by women, it’s important for men like myself, privileged by the patriarchy to also take a stand. Starting off by not holding women’s bodies to different standards to our own and applauding women who allow their body hair to grow naturally or who decide to forgo bras entirely in the name of comfort, rather than shame or brand them unattractive if they choose to do so. Ultimately, the bitter and sickening truth is that women aren’t afforded the same luxuries as men in society, they can’t be topless in the streets or online (like a man can) without baring the crippling weight of censorship, nor can they even express their thoughts or even just be a woman online without the onslaught of slut shaming and sexism. In general, society needs to learn that it can’t even begin to ascended to the light of its true potential, if we’re still willing allowing ourselves to be shackled to the dark ages – liberate our attitude towards women and we liberate humanity.


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