The Devil in Her Eyes


With eyes clenched shut and finger tips pressed firmly on either side of my nose, I try desperately to grasp at memories as fleeting as flickers of amber. Yet, as much as I try, they remain agonisingly  just out of my reach. Like an old TV set drowning in static, from the chaos I can only gleam the vaguest of pictures: a bourgeois party with an air thick with the chorus of chatter and wisps of cigar smoke. Then, my memories suddenly snap into high definition as a vivid image glows bright in my mind: an incredible beauty emerging from the swarm of bodies and like a deer in headlight, instantly I am paralysed by her devastating glare. I remember in that one moment, as my eyes fall into those cold icy blues of hers, my life would never be the same again…

With that final thought, the memories are quickly extinguished as reality comes gushing back in. The foggy haze lifts and I remember where I am and what I’ve just done. Once again I’m aware that my heart is thumping so hard against my chest, I can feel my ribs vibrating violently beneath my shirt. But it’s the glass shattering scream still ringing  in my ears that swallows all my attention. As fear begins to smother me, my trembling hand gives way and the knife clutched with such intention only moments ago, finally falls with a dulled thud into the pool of red rapidly engorging my feet– there is so much blood now that it seems like I’m wearing crimson slippers.

Then, as her soft and delicate hand slips into mine, like a soothing elixir, my entire body beings to calm and the stillness within me is restored. As her husband exhales his final pained breath from under me, with the firm tip of her finger she yanks my chin towards her and kisses me hungrily. The speckles of blood peppered on both our lips give the kiss a metallic taste, yet it is no less arousing and passionate. And just like that, the softness of her lips give me amnesia and I forget all about the evil I’ve just committed. With swiftness of thought and clarity of mind, she leads me hurriedly down to her husbands basement. Stepping into the bunker awash in pristine white, I’m momentarily overwhelmed by the eye watering collection of super cars casually displayed. No time to waste, she tugs me towards the vehicle that will guarantee our escape.

*Note to Reader – You have to believe me when I tell you this… until I met her I never knew I was capable of murder – honestly. But with one glimpse into her hypnotising eyes, I know I’ll do it again and again just to have her look at me the way she does…

At the same time as the police were no doubt swarming into the penthouse, and abruptly being stopped by the brutal, bloody scene now in front of them, we’re cruising in a Ferrari down a wide open road with the wind rushing through our hair. I didn’t know where we’re going or how long we can stay out on the run, but with forever stretching out tantalisingly before us, I know she’ll always have my soul and I’ll always be by her side, because my true love has the face of an angel and the devil in her eyes.


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