Escape Rooms: The Ultimate Dating Experience Revealed…


Dinner and a movie – cliche! Netflix and chill – boring! Picnic in the park – you’ve got to be kidding me!
In this fast pace and exciting modern era there is simply no more room for the boring and cliche. In a world of Tinder and casual dating, It’s time we push aside the generic or ‘been there done that’ and make room for a dating experience that is a whole lot more unique, memorable and revealing than your standard drinks at a bar.

Allow me to introduce to you the escape room, the ultimate dating experience. Stop. I know what’s going through your mind right now. Not because I’m psychic, well I don’t think I am…rather I imagined the exact same thing before doing one: a dark room, eerie music and buckets of sweat pouring from your forehead. In other words hardly the flirtation and red wine you’d usually expect from a date. Yet, that’s exactly the reason why it’s such a great choice for a first date! An escape room is essentially like nothing you have ever done before, and isn’t that what dates should be about, sharing a unique and memorable experience with someone new?

…You don’t seem convinced? Well, okay let me break it down to you. But before I begin, I suggest you take a seat with a pen and paper nearby because I’m about to change your whole dating game – you better believe it. First of all, what are the two main points of a date? Quiz time. You have 30 seconds and the clock starts now! Tick Tock…Stop, times up. The answers are: to get know somebody new and to have the time of your life, of course. And luckily for you and us all, escape rooms have both in abundance AND a whole lot more.

Where did you grow up?…what’s your favourite film?…blah blah blah and the questions go on and on. More often than not, dates can sometimes turn into glorified interviews as prospective partners try to suss each other out. But as we all know marriage and eternal love isn’t built on a shared appreciation of ABBA (as hard as that is to believe). Instead it’s the qualities and personality traits the tense experience of an escape room can bring to the surface, that can really show whether a couple is meant to be or not. Can they take charge? Are they calm under pressure? Are they good listeners? Surely the answers to these questions are far more insightful than finding out what is someone’s favourite colour, am I right?

Are escape rooms fun? Of course they are. What a silly question. That’s like asking if Harry Styles is the finest music artist of our generation. In other words yes and definitely YES! Puzzle solving, code breaking and thinking outside the box. Being in an escape room is like being in your very own action film, and who didn’t grow up secretly fantasying that one day they could be James Bond or Jason Bourne (Just to put it out there…I’m team Bourne, baby)? Escape rooms offer up the perfect opportunity to break away from the monotonous cycle of the everyday in favour of something original and super, super fun.

Long story short, if you’re looking to impress a certain someone, do yourself a favour and book yourself an escape room. Your love life could depend on it…


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