The Sky Came Alive


Feet dragging and shoulders hunching under the mounting weight of hopelessness, I stumbled towards the beach; desperate for the crisp air and repetitive sounds of crashing waves to distract me from the torment of racing thoughts. I wasn’t so lucky.

Looking across the ocean, all I could see was infinite blackness swallowing up the horizon, and bitterness and misery striking like lightning and thunder. In that moment, the erupting sadness from deep within my heart, brought a sudden weakness to my knees and dropped me to the ground, mercilessly. I hung my head in shame as I was forced to replay the tragic events from the date earlier, again and again in my mind – with agonising, unforgiving detail.

Then, something caught my eye…

Dawn breaking and the sun beginning to rise…

With a slacked jaw and eyes wide open, I watched in spellbound as the sky came alive in a cacophony of colour; it was as if the heavens themselves were serenading me. Hours before, my heart was breaking. While at that moment, it was singing in time to the symphony being played, dazzlingly before me. In the midst of being showered with luxurious reds and purples, I realised: even the darkest nights eventually see sunrises. With renewed vigour, I LEPT to my feet and rejoiced, “My adventures are not over; they were just beginning…” It was time to end my foolishness.

Yes, I had experienced unrequited love, but who hadn’t? Gloriously, my youth was burning bright, and I still had the opportunity to bask in its brilliant rays. Tanned by its magic. After all, even the darkest nights eventually see sunrises.

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