Look in the mirror

Dear M, We can never be together. There I said it, I had to. If I can’t be honest with you, who can? Listen, I appreciate the letter; nice to know somebody in this cold, blue world cares about me so dearly. Believe me, it means a lot. But, I can’t lie to you, things…

I Bleed Love

Dear F, When I cut my veins I don’t bleed the red of blood, I bleed the red of love. I bleed for you. See, sometimes I struggle to feel real, and only you can ground me in reality. But, when you’re not around, I feel just like a ghost drifting in eternity. So, when…

Dreamy Love #1

My heart is a home, big enough for you and forever. If our love was a song, it would be the sweetest of ballads, with notes as high as the heavens themselves. Nothing in life brings me more pleasure than taking you in my arms and kissing your lips, the sweetest of them all.

Heartbreak #3

When the sun sets, the light fades and night comes flooding in; drowning us in its darkness and uncertainty. Love is like the sun. Yes, it brings an abundance of light, but, ultimately it leaves you in darkness.

Heartbreak #2

All my life, I’d lived without faith. When I looked up to the sky, all I saw was dark clouds overhead. Until I met her – my angle, and through the darkness came her blinding light, giving me a baptism of pure happiness. But, her light kept me blind, and I didn’t see the horns…