Random Thoughts #9

Sometimes words are just so…limiting. I want to write you a love letter so beautiful, that tears of joy would fall from your eyes. But, I could sit at my desk from sunrise, in front of paper and pen or fingertips and keyboard, and still, come sundown, have nothing to show for it. Blank. White….

Random Thoughts #8

Laying under a blanket of stars, wrapped up in thoughts big and wide. Are we alone in this universe? If I were to stretch out my hands far enough, would my fingertips not be grazed by those of another being? It’s strange really, to be on a planet of billions and yet, feel so… impossibly…

Random Thoughts #7

How can I ever feel sad…or down? When all I have to do is look across the ocean or up at the sky, and instantly be reminded of how beautiful this world truly is… That’s the trouble with humanity, we’re too quick to cry about the things we don’t have and ignore the sheer abundance…

Random Thoughts #6

Desire from afar as the idea of someone is always greater than the reality. After all, dream girls can only exist in dreams and the closer you get, the more their light dims. Maintain the fantasy, and there will never be enough colours in the spectrum to paint the beauty that your imagination sees.

Random Thoughts #5

I move through life with my eyes wide shut. That way, I can see more clearly. People forget that our eyes can’t be trusted as they’re constantly playing tricks on us. So, instead of being guided by the visual, I surrender to the unknown and allow the universe to steer me in the direction that I’ve…

Random Thoughts #4

Night after night my nightmares remain the same… I’m pursued by a dark figure wishing to do me harm. My only chance at escape – flying. Whilst I possess no wings, I know I can do it. I know it because there’s something special inside of me. But as much as I try to soar,…

Truth be Told

While others are seduced by the flickers of TV screens or absorbed into the quicksand of social media feeds, I spend my long afternoons staring into the mirror, just staring. Like Frida Kahlo, I’ve become a connoisseur of my own physical presence. Over time, every blemish or imperfection has been imprinted permanently into my mind…

Random Thoughts #3

Sitting at a golden piano with crystal keys playing music so sweet it attracts bees, because I’m inspired by a beauty you wouldn’t believe. I close my eyes and all I see is a silver locket against mahogany skin and lips so perfect you’d think kissing them was sin.

Random Thoughts #2

All I can do is wonder as I listen to the strikes of lightning and thunder, where do I run or where do I hide when the tide of life comes crashing back in? Dark clouds over head; I’m merely a gust of wind away from being lost at sea.

Random Thoughts #1

Rip out my heart, let my soul seep out and catapult my essence to the edge of the unknown. Allow me to see the other side and finally ask god what it means to be truly alive. Then bring me back to life a second before I die.

Forbidden Love in Paradise

Jamaica is paradise for all, except us… Still drunk from sex, our naked bodies intertwine tightly under a palm tree as a gentle breeze caresses our bare skin. Every kiss we lay on each other’s lips is done so with deep passion and the agonising knowing that it could soon be our last. The bitter…

Nothing is the same

All dressed up and nowhere to go… Funny movie scenes and no one to laugh with… The pains of life and no shoulder to cry on… Nothing is the same since you left.