Looking for a Saviour

I considered God a stranger and befriended the bottom of a bottle instead. Now I’m feeling blue and the world is just shades of black and white. A fog in my head, I stand up, tremble and fall to my knees. Lower than the low; for the first time in my life I try reaching out to the saviour and begging to be saved. Hands clasped together, and with all my dying heart I pray for a miracle – a second chance. But it turns out silence is most deafening when you’re crying out the loudest for an answer. I guess after a life spent in the gutter, my death bed was too late to be reaching out for the heavens…

Unchained Wings

Bound to flesh and bone, my body is the prison that refuses to let me leave, when all I want is to fulfil my ethereal dreams. I spend day and night looking to the skies, yearning to transcend physical form and leave the earth behind, for the astral plane is where my heart truly resides. Joy for me is dancing in the wind, diving into the clouds and bathing in sunshine, that’s why life could never conjure up anything as divine. Only when my soul is liberated will I get peace of mind, and the chance to satisfy the splendour I see when I close my eyes. Unchain my wings, the world is simply not enough and watch as I soar to the glories above.

Dance makes me feel like…


Stepping through the door and looking out to the empty studio laid out invitingly before me, I can feel a beautiful flower of joy, blossom in the center of my body. And then its roots twirling and intertwining through every fiber of my being, until they eventually send ripples of excitement in every direction.

My limbs are like delicate paintbrushes gliding across the flawless white of a canvas.

Whilst an artist will use colour and an author will use words, I use my body to tell my stories and use the entire spectrum of emotion as my palate.

As I spin and spin and spin, I sigh a relief as the world melts completely away from me, like an ice cube left out on a hot summers day. While willingly allowing classical music to envelope me in a warm embrace, like the urgent yet tender hug of a long lost love.

Remember that feeling of invincibility you get after watching a superhero film as a child? Or that burning optimism that true love will find you next, after reading a romance book as a teenager? That’s how I feel every time I dance; like the impossible is possible…

The studio is more than just a close friend to me, it’s like a diary. For only on these hardwood floors can I truly be me and allow my heart to say what it truly wants to say, without a moment of self-doubt or second guessing.

There is no hiding when you’re dancing ballet; your body may be clothed but your soul is naked. But, be warned: any stresses from life you bring into the studio clamps onto your ankles and refuses to be shaken off like steel balls. So, whether it’s a cheating boyfriend or a sick relative, the necessity is… leave everything at the door, no matter how serious it is or how much it made you cry the night before, because the studio always knows and like a mirror, your body always reveals too much.

For me there is no cheat days and to my home I’m a fleeting acquaintance, always gone before the sun has a chance to raise. But alas, the constant sacrifice is worth it; how else could I truly feel free?

Romance reinvented


“Love is in the air everywhere I look around
Love is in the air every sight and every sound” – John Paul Young.

With cupids arrows already soaring through the air and red roses beginning to flood every florist in town, Valentines Day must be blossoming on the horizon.

For those of you intending to wow someone special during this year’s festival of love, It’s time to start thinking grand gestures, romance and Hollywood; because let’s be honest, dinner at a restaurant is no longer cutting it.

Remember the charm and novelty of 50’s drive through cinemas? Well, why not give outdoor cinemas a modern and more intimate twist?

Transforming your garden into a cosy outdoor theater is both unique and hugely romantic, and better yet, it’s rather easy to accomplish…

Simply move your sofa outside and circle it with lit candles, drape some tree branches with left over fairy lights and with a white sheet and projector – hey presto, bring the magic of cinema to your garden! For a extra dose of intimacy you can even lay out a romantic dinner for two.

Then when the night is almost over, turn everything off and just lean back on the sofa to admire the beauty of the starry sky. They say romance is dead? Well, consider it brought back to life!

Dear Teenage Girl

In a big scary world, your room is like a fortress of blissful solitude. An incubator for the strong, powerful woman you’ll eventually be. Your four walls don’t constrict you, instead they liberate and uplift you like nothing else can. Like blank canvases, with the paintbrush that is your imagination, you transform them into colourful tapestries, revealing your greatest dreams and desires. Your diary is the window to your soul. The clothes in your wardrobe make you feel like Picasso; each outfit is your masterpiece. Your mirror only reveals your front cover, because beneath the surface a rich story can be told and one day, the world will have the pleasure of hearing it.

Doomed Romance

Vivian and Edward. Our love should never have existed. We were too different, like night and day. Yet, in each of us blazed a fire and like moths to light, we’re attracted to the lit candle in each other’s souls. Lois and Clark. Our love made us beyond human. Forever safe in each other’s arms, not a day went by where we didn’t feel like we could fly. Bonny and Clyde. But true love can make you do stupid things. While love can save you, it can also break you. Rose and Jack. Our love was doomed from the beginning…